Fueling the Ironman in Training

All of the groceries and race prep are done! (I think) I got all of the foods I want to eat for this upcoming week. I’ve been craving some fruit so I

The Final Mere Mortals

Sunday was the final Mere Mortals training and it ended with a Members Only Triathlon! I’m half sad that there’s no more training on Sunday mornings and I’m half happy because now

Date Night

Sometimes you just have to take a break from training. Life is about balance. If you train all the time and never have time for socialization, you become a wild animal that

Setbacks and Accomplishments

So I’m sitting here typing this after falling off the 21 Day Fix Extreme wagon. Yes, that’s right. I have completely strayed from the meal plan. Now, I still have things in

The September Specials!

  Piyo Challenge Pack! Do you like the benefits of Pilates and yoga classes but wish you could burn more calories and fat? I’ve got great news for you! With PiYo, you’ll


Earlier this year I decided to try my hand at this whole multisport event thing that seems to be all the craze with these active people I know…   I saved up

The August Specials

August Beachbody Specials are almost gone! If you’ve been on the fence about CIZE or 3 Day Refresh, go ahead and click the links below to lock in your discounted price now!


Today is Day 5 of 21 Day Fix Extreme for me – wowzers! I’ve decided to throw in some of the Countdown to Competition days in the mix. BUT – on the

Shakeology Boosts

So, not only is there the amazing nutrient dense Shakeology, now you have the power to customize your Shakeology with our new line of boosts for even healthier results. Focused Energy Boost gives

Insanity Max 30

It’s time to be real. In June I decided to take the Insanity Max 30 Challenge. For 8 weeks I would have Shaun T “encouraging” me to push a second further. I