Weigh in Wednesday

So I want to start talking about my transformation to where I am now. At my heaviest, I was 185lbs of fatness. Not muscle + fat. Pure fatness. This picture below is

3 Week Yoga Retreat!

A week ago I tried out Beachboy’s 3 Week Yoga Retreat workout. Most of you know that yoga isn’t really my speed BUT I gave this a try. My fur babies also

Insanity LIVE!

It’s been a few weeks, so I feel I can talk about it now – minus all the goober excitement. Coach Summit 2016 – Nashville was my very first Beachbody Coach Summit.

Doggy Beach Day

We’re lucky enough to have a multitude of options available to take our dogs to play. Unfortunately, we have asshole dogs. They aren’t the friendliest at times and sometimes they are TOO

Coaching Sneak Peek!!

I have been SO thankful to have Beachbody in my life this past year. I have made SO many new friends family. I have helped build my little fitness community with my

Pensacola FitClub

Last week we conquered Shaun T’s T25 total body circuit workout AND some Max30 Ab Attack!! In the same breath that I say I love me some Shaun T, I also hate

Money Well Spent

**Disclaimer** I am NOT bashing these products, simply making a comparison statement. I have a fabulous consultant and YES all these products are mine and I USE them ALL. I will gladly

I Love to Ride my Bicycle!

So that’s not 100% true. But lately, I’ve been liking it more and more than the past few months. Mainly because I’ve been training with Mere Mortals AND I have some awesome

Country Heat Demo!

Yes that’s right, I DID Country Heat! And I LIKED IT! You don’t need rhythm, you don’t need dancing skills, you just need to let loose and have fun! Crazy I know,

Summit 2016 – Three Week Yoga Retreat

Let’s talk about something that is not really in my wheelhouse – Yoga. Should I do more yoga, absolutely! Do I… ::crickets:: But I vow to try this program once it comes