The Biggest Loser

Oh the controversy! The Biggest Loser Winner Rachel standing at roughly 5’4″ and reducing her weight from 260lbs to a low 105lbs – a difference of roughly 59%. Seriously the Biggest Loser


I want to share some awesomeness with you all! I recently discovered ENERGYbits (actually, I think they discovered me on twitter but who’s keeping track). These are amazing little chewable (not recommended

My Injury and Frustrations

I’m going to take a moment to talk about an injury that has been plaguing me for over a decade. For as long as many of you have known me, you’ve known

30 Day Challenges

13 days into the new year and people are still complaining about over crowded gyms, some are already falling off bandwagon resolutions, and some are starting 30 day challenges. As we are

The Cliched New Year Post

It’s a – few days into the – new year and it’s time for couch potatoes to crawl off couches and crowd the gyms. Regular gym goers will soon begin complaining about

Spartan Texas Beast

This is my redemption race. After DNFing the Vermont Beast, I needed a come back. I gathered some of my awesome friends and we set off on an epic road trip adventure.

St Jude Half Marathon

My intention was to be writing this post after an amazing weekend in Memphis and completing my 13th half marathon. Instead, all I get to write about is an amazing weekend in

Superhero Scramble

Back on November 16th a group of us traveled to Waldo (read: Gainesville) Florida to run in the Superhero Scramble (SHS). This was my first race of this series and I only

Miller Park

Better late to post than never! I ran my first Spartan Stadium Sprint on November 2nd at Miller Park in Milwaukee, WI. It was also my first time to ever be in

I’m an Ambassador!

Super exciting news! I have become an ambassador of not one, but two really cool companies. First up, I’m please to announce that I am Swirlgear Brand Ambassador. Never heard of it?