2015 Augusta 70.3 – Part 2


We got to sleep in the am – Danny a little longer than I did because someone might have had a little to much to drink the night before. As race participants we got a list of local facilities we could use for free or a small fee to loosen up a little before race day. I chose the YMCA closest to my hotel and AWAY from the Athlete Village. I wasn’t going for distance, merely a nice 30 minute swim to loosen up. They wouldn’t let me use the outside pool due to it being too cold – cute. So I had to suffer in the very warm indoor pool. Had a great swim nonetheless. I wish I would have known the awesomeness of the facility prior to going or I would have done a little more of a workout on land. Instead I just swam, worked on some flexibility in the hot tub, showered and left.IMG_5337

I ran to Target for some supplies and headed back to watch some TV while someone was recovering from the night before. Finally it was time to gather up the bike and bring it to the transition area. Unfortunately, we had to park a little bit away from the transition and walk the bike into the area. Only athletes are allowed into the transition area so Danny had to wait patiently for me to set up the bike where it belongs.

In transition we met up with a bunch of IPAers and we all caught up and started our walks back to the cars. Danny and I decided to bring our car to downtown to park for the day. There was an IPA picture scheduled for 3pm so we wandered around and killed some time until then. Picture time came and went, we were starving and the Florida game was starting at 3:30pm.


We headed for pizza at The Pizza Joint!

Pizza was a nice social time with good food and friends and watching a little bit of Florida whoop up on Tennessee. We started with garlic knots and ended with pizza with ALL of the meat. Hydration was the important part for me – Danny was hydrating with beer =)





We decided we wanted sweets so we headed to Boll Weevil for the biggest slices of cake ever. We all had eyes bigger than our stomachs allowed but Danny and I were the only ones to bring leftovers back to our hotel (I was SO thankful for those the next evening after the race).






The rest of the evening was spent relaxing at the hotel. I set out everything I needed for the next day – morning clothes/food, loaded my transition pack for the day, post race clothes.




Tomorrow is RACE DAY!!!


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