Death Race 2013

So, my next planned post was going to be about making your own vitamin water using real fruit, scratch that – for now.

It’s Death Race weekend!!!

This is the weekend I stayed glued to social media to find out what crazy shenanigans are going on in Vermont. Actually, if I had the money and time off of work, I’d be up there watching the crazy shenanigans first hand.

If you haven’t heard about DR, you’re probably a sane person with a normal life. There are about 3,000 people in the Facebook group, but only about 300 or so compete every year – only a handful finish. Most respectfully bow out due to exhaustion or injury. If you aren’t in your top condition the day before DR, you might as well DQ yourself and avoid further injury and/or death.

My goal is to be a DR competitor in 2015.

When you pay lots of money and sign up, the fun begins. Andy or one of the other DR crew sends out emails with tasks, misdirection, discretely hidden “what to bring” lists, and of course deception. You pretty much know you’re going to need lots of clothing layers, an ax, a 5 gallon bucket, food for 24-48 hours, water, and some other crazy stuff…like a tux.

There’s always betrayal.

Last year a lot of people were DQ’d due to time cut offs…only to find out at the end that those cut offs were bullshit and if you actually kept plodding along you were still in it. Betrayal. Groups got lost following crap directions from a “source”. Betrayal. DR isn’t just about your physical toughness, it’s about your mental toughness when you’re sleep deprived, aggravated, and have no idea who to trust.

I know it’s not something I’m ready for now by any means, but give me 2 years and we’ll see.

Follow this year’s Death Race Here

What are your goals? Fellow Death Racer? Wanna be a marathoner? Ironman?

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