3 Week Yoga Retreat!

A week ago I tried out Beachboy’s 3 Week Yoga Retreat workout. Most of you know that yoga isn’t really my speed BUT I gave this a try. My fur babies also decided to get in on the action – about 30 seconds in you can see my dalmatian, Gambit, upstage me in downward dog pose.

I really enjoyed this program – the direction was on point. I wasn’t confused throughout the workout. The moves weren’t crazy. There are modifications available AND the instructor is honest – he falls out of a pose and just gets back into it.

The session was about 30 minutes and I was sweating by the end of it! I thought only hot yoga would do that for me. It was a great workout and a great stretch for my entire body.

I definitely recommend this 3 week program!! And it would go hand in hand for someone doing the Ultimate Reset as that program focuses on diet as opposed to strenuous workouts. Comment for more details!


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