Is this gonna hurt?

princessI begin this post with the intention of informing you all of my stubbornness and hardheadedness. Saturday I survived Warrior Dash – which is a whole different kind of post for another day. I took Sunday off to play the game Is it a Bruise or is it Dirt? You all know that game, don’t give me any looks. Monday I returned to my usual 7-5 job and then hit the Box afterwards. The WOD wasn’t terrible: 10 minutes of EMOM 3 hanging snatches and 5 hr push-ups. The buyout was 25 ghd sit-ups and 25 ghd back extensions. Still not a big deal.

I crank out my 25 ghd sit-ups and begin the process of dismounting to continue with my last 25 reps. Next thing I know, I’m sliding backwards – nothing to stop me, nothing to grab, nothing but air between me and the 24-36 (I’m not great at math) inches to the concrete. I land flat on my back and then I feel my skull whack the ground. Holy. Shit. I didn’t lose consciousness or see stars. My first thought was actually “Holy shit!! Was that sound my head on the concrete?!” I lay there, wiggling toes and fingers to make sure my spine is still intact. Coaches run over, make sure I’m ok and then we get me vertical. My first instinct is to put my hand to my head and check for blood – this is when I realize I also hit my hand on something on the way down. No blood, but I’m greeted with a goose egg. I walk around, get some water, stand in front of a fan. After a few minutes, it’s safe to say I’m ok for the time being.

I get back on the ghd and complete my back extensions. I’m not quitter and even with my brain sloshing around my bruised noggin I refuse to DNF the WOD. I even go as far as learning how to climb a rope! One of the guys was teaching and kid and I wanted to learn too, so I did! The moral of the story is – Don’t give up. I wasn’t going to let a fall stop me – disclaimer: if I had lost consciousness even for a second, had blurry vision, slurred speech, or memory loss, I would have been carted to the ER STAT. Don’t play that game, kids. Stay smart, Don’t give up.


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