Keto Week 2

Soo….this new lifestyle hasn’t been extremely terrible. It’s a little frustrating finding hidden carbs in things or just giving up things because they are unnecessary. Here’s a recap of my week 2.

Day 8 – Back to work, which means back to routine. Shake, salad and protein for lunch, protein and fat for dinner. I do feel fuller on this diet. I don’t get cravings for random snacks throughout the day either. I batch cooked some chicken for meals the rest of the week. Net Carbs 27gm

Day 9 – Second verse, same as the first. Except we batch cooked some turkey meatloaf so we weren’t eating friggin chicken all week. Net Carbs 29gm

Day 10 – Literally the same as day 9. I’m ok eating the same things throughout the week. Although I did make a little peanut butter and coconut flour treat this evening. TMI for you all, but this week was shark week and I was really nervous about how stress, bloating, and cravings. I did go a little over my carbs today but it was totally worth it to only go over a smidgen rather than over by 100 (I might be regretting those words later) Net Carbs 35gm

Day 11 – Same as day 10 – including the peanut butter. UGH. I did swim this am so at least I burned some of the previous ones off. I haven’t felt much difference in my swim capacity. Well, that’s a lie. With the added CrossFit I am a bit more sore than usual and I can feel that in my swimming.  Net Carbs 34gm

Day 12 – Today is travel day to Baton Rouge for my races! (which is a whole other blog…) Breakfast, lunch and travel snacks were on point. For dinner my evil (just kidding) friends decided we should eat at an Italian restaurant. Literally a huge loaf of delicious smelling cheesy garlic bread sat in front of me. I didn’t partake in it, but I did enjoy a glass of merlot. Net Carbs 27gm

Day 13 – Oh Saturday, first race day. I attempted to do this race without gels or gu’s and I failed. I felt like crap, my legs were heavy. After the race I felt terrible. Showered, went to the expo, ate lunch, booked a massage. Enjoyed massage, came back to the hotel and tried to drink a little decaf coffee – promptly threw up. The rest of the story will be in another post, but let it be known I decided to pull myself out of and potential ketosis I might have been in to have a better half marathon race the next morning. Net Carbs 170gm

Day 14 – Race day again. This time I went with my chews, didn’t need too many of them. Had an eh race due to my left quad. Finished the race, opted for no food at the celebration, back to the hotel, shower, and nap. Felt good enough to drive home around noon. Traffic was terrible so I’m glad I had a shake made. Net Carbs 38gm


  • I need to work harder to keep my carbs UNDER 30gm/day. I’ve been pretty lax as opposed to strict.
  • I assumed I was in ketosis, but maybe I wasn’t? Not sure why I crashed so hard Saturday am. Especially since I’ve done well with all my other workouts.
  • I like how I feel on this diet. I’m not tired or starving.


Going Keto: Week 1

So, the whole point of a nutritional ketogenic diet is to get your body to eventually switch from using glucose as fuel to using fat as fuel. You have a lot of fat stored than glucose so once you make the switch, you have an (almost) endless supply of energy to use for activities. This means less gels, gu’s, whatever you “need” to get you through an endurance event. The goal is to have 30gm of NET carbs or less per day. To calculate your Net carbs you take Total grams of carbs – grams of fiber = net carbs.

For my first week I went with super easy foods – no casseroles where I had to guess carbs or anything like that.

Day 1 – not terrible, day time routine was pretty basic – shake for breakfast, eggs & sausage for mid-morning, decent lunch (protein + salad), and a protein & fat dinner. NET Carb intake: 38gm

Day 2 – Same song and dance. I will say (this is probably TMI but oh well) the protein farts were intense. Not anything painful GI-wise, but run for the hills stinky. The BF was NOT amused. NET Carb intake: 29gm

Day 3 – This diet really isn’t so bad! I’m great with routines and schedules so the planning is easy. Also I’m not as hungry throughout the day so I’m not scanning break rooms for treats. This avocado, cheese, and meat dish was one of my post-workout dinners for the week. NET Carb intake: 37gm

Day 4 – Day time, again too easy. This was my first little test. My dad came into town to help with some house items and we took him out for dinner afterwards. My first eating out adventure! We chose Longhorn’s and as you know, they bring out that delicious honey wheat bread. It smelled delicious and I so wanted a piece, but I passed. We got an appetizer – meat and cheese board – PERFECT!! And I was the weirdo in the restaurant on my phone plugging in the food in MyFitnessPal to see grams of carbs. My dinner was a a Cesar salad to start (dressing on the side, croutons given away to the BF) and steak and broccoli as my main course. NET Carb intake: 32gm

Day 5 – Work hours were easy again. I’m so glad I wasn’t doing this during Christmas when we had sooooo many goodies around the hospital. The BF worked all day so I was on my own for dinner. Another night of meat, cheese, avocado. I did make a side of hot chocolate – but none of that commercial stuff. Hot chocolate was: cocoa powder, heavy cream, almond milk, stevia – 2gm of carbs as opposed to 60gm of sugar in those commercial packages. See?! You CAN have delicious things, you just have to find healthier ways to make them. NET Carb intake: 26gm 

Day 6 – This is the BIG test. My bestie’s 30th birthday party. Luckily by this day I really don’t need to eat frequently. Woke up to coffee in bed brought to me by the BF. I think I ate a half of an avocado around noon? Then we headed to the party. I didn’t intend on drink, but peer pressure and carb allowance gave me 2 glasses of champagne (it was a mimosa bar, but I skipped the sugary OJ). Food was a taco bar, also easy. I opted for groups beef, cheese, guacamole. So many desserts!!! Cookies, cupcakes, and of course, cake. The BF got a tiny slice (and I mean tiny) and I had one bite. I made sure to LOG that one bite as well. NET Carb intake: 28gm

Day 7 – Last day of the first week! We got to sleep in so we enjoyed coffee until around 1030 then I batch cooked some eggs and sausage for the week (and our Sunday morning breakfast). We went grocery shopping to prepare for the upcoming week. And grabbed a late lunch while we were out – Salad, steak, and broccoli again 😀 We also ran later that afternoon and I didn’t feel fatigued during the run at all. Pretty sure I ate peanut butter for dinner… NET Carb intake: 26gm


  • I had to change up my shakeology concoctions. I went down to half a scoop due to the carb count. I also added heavy cream to my almond milk to get more calories and fat intake in the am.
  • I did have a headache around day 2/3, but I needed to increase my salt intake. Eating super basic and clean means you need to substitute salt into your diet – Thanks BASE!
  • I don’t feel like I bonked in any of my workouts during the week. I wasn’t lacking energy and my brain wasn’t foggy.
  • I wasn’t all that tempted around sugary foods

Can’t wait to keep up this awesome journey!!!

A Starting Point

Soo….I’m putting it all out there this year. No hiding behind filters or angles, I’m going to be real. I’m talking about before photos and measurements. I’m not proud of where I am right now, I beat myself up about it a lot lately. But I know what I did to get to this place and I have a clear idea of how to get out of it.

I plan on combating this by following a ketogenic diet. My workouts will be a mixture of CrossFit, running, and swimming – until the end of February where I start incorporating some cycling. My first triathlon (olympic distance) isn’t until April 30th. Then 2 weeks later I have my first 70.3 of the year. After that I have a break for the summer – which means heavy in the CrossFit!!

I’m focused and excited – and yes a little scared. But I have a great support group and some awesome accountability groups to keep me on my A game! I’m definitely excited to see what 2017 has in store for me!

Cheers to 2017!

I for one am looking forward to 2017! I have lots of great races planned with my fraaaands. I have a marathon to run with my better half in just a few short weeks. I need to do a little personal development and be a better person inside and out. And of course I have financial goals to reach as well.

That’s right, goals not resolutions. Resolutions are vague “eat healthy” “lose weight” “be better than I was last year”. What the HELL do any of those mean!?

I have goals!!!

  • 5K time to 29 minutes or less
  • Half marathon time to 2h15m or less
  • 70.3 – sub 6h30m
  • %BF from 28 to 20%
  • Stick to the ketogenic diet
  • Read 20 personal development books this year
  • Credit Card/PayPal Credit down to $0

In order to stay on task, I’m going to keep these goals posted where I can see them.  To remind myself that my goals are bigger than any instant gratification. Great success takes great sacrifice and that is what my 2017 will be about. Don’t think I’m going to be living like a hermit, I will enjoy my life, family, and friends. But keeping on track is my main concern.

What are YOUR goals for 2017?!

So This is Christmas…

as a Triathlete!

Christmas has come and gone and in true triathlete fashion, I got so many things race related!!

First and foremost I got a Concept 2 rower!! All my CrossFit nerds are jonesing over that one. I was super surprised and impressed myself! The bf and I have talked about buying one after one of the local CrossFit competitions, but nothing ever came of it.



Next up I got all this awesome Betty gear!!! One day I’ll be a Betty. I absolutely love the brand and well, I’m already a Badass so it’s only natural that I’m a Betty!
I love BASE Performance products and they make some pretty awesome apparel as well. My next present was 3 super awesome tanks!! I LOVE this material and they’re a bit of a longer cut so you’re not running around in a crop top.





I love bicycle print things so I got this fabulous infinity scarf! (Side note: if anyone find some LuLaRoe bicycle leggings TAG me!!! I’m looking for some)




Lastly…and this was a total curve ball since I already got so many awesome things. I got an iPhone, mophie charging case, and a selfie light! I’ve been rocking an iPhone 5 for the longest and it was on it’s last breath. This was a total shocker!! LOVE him (the bf, not my iPhone (which I do love but..ya know)).


I bought myself a new MacBook Pro and a 70.3 distance triathlon in October. I also got a really rad Ironman christmas sweater and wine stopper. And a few cute things from our Secret Santa swap at work. Overall a pretty great Christmas! Oh and they dogs got presents too! Here’s Gambit with his brand new rawhide. He’s been knocking things off tables daily now.

Did you get everything you wanted from Santa?? I want to know what you got! Show me the goods!

All Access Pass!


The new year is coming, will you have all the tools you need to meet your health and wellness goals??

What if I told you I could give you all of this:

-ALL programs Beachbody has EVER made
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for LESS than one year of gym memberships, protein powders, AND meal replacement shakes?

You aren’t paying for a quick fix, you’re INVESTING in yourself for a full year!

So if you’re ready to fight for yourself, trust the process, and have me for your awesome accountability partner – let’s get started today!! Message me now OR fill out your fitness questionnaire!

Colonoscopy for Christmas?

Soo…Today I start prepping for my colonoscopy Friday. Yes that’s right, it’s Wednesday and I have to start my prep tonight.

Oh but Kim, you’re only 34 why are you getting a colonoscopy. Funny you ask…

So a few months ago I was feeling really shitty from Ironman training. Like workout, work, come home and sleep until the next morning. On days that I had enough energy, I would do my afternoon workout. I decided to go see a doctor to find out why I was so tired. Come to find out, my iron level is drastically low. No one wanted to say critical, but I got the words drastically and impressively low.

Now I’m on iron pills. Now I get my blood drawn every month (seems a little counterproductive if we’re trying to KEEP iron in my blood but I’m not the doctor here). Well, I haven’t had any blood loss injuries and my cycle isn’t a river so the next thing to check is the GI tract.

We’re doing a colonoscopy to rule out:

  • Cancer
  • Celiac
  • Ulcers

Once we rule those out, I then earn the diagnosis of Idiopathic Iron Deficiency Anemia and I have to do iron supplementation for the rest of my life. Basically “we don’t know why you’re deficient, but you are so take pills – yay”.

Back to the Prep

So yeah, I have to drink some stuff Wednesday night to get the party started. Thursday is all clear liquids – no red, purple, or blue colors – ALL day. I thought it was just the afternoon, I was wrong, I’m going to starve. So all clears until 2pm where I start taking pills and drinking the prep. I’ll spare details. Then Friday is my big day!

So I’m nervous and ready to get this over with, but I’ve got a lot of great resources I’ve been chatting with to prep me for my big day. Hopefully it’s my last for a loooooong time!

Quick thoughts on 2016

2016 is coming to a close and I’m pretty excited about 2017.

I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to in 2016. I had a less than stellar finish at Augusta 70.3. I attempted and failed an Ironman in November. I had some medical issues that put me on the sidelines for a little bit, but I’m making a comeback.

Watching our team Surge today, this was on a slide. My honest answer is – No. I didn’t push as hard, I didn’t train as hard, I didn’t work as hard as I needed to. Did I accomplish some goals? Absolutely! Just last week I PR’d my half marathon time.

2016 wasn’t my year, was it yours?

I really wanted it to be my year…in my head. My actions proved otherwise. I did a lot of sitting, being lazy, unmotivated, unfocused. I gained 20lbs. But I’ve also done a lot of thinking. Opening my mind to new ideas and new plans for my life.

2016 was our first year to live as homeowners and we took our back yard from a jungle to…less of a jungle. It’s not perfect, but I am to blame as I was training for my full Iron and I didn’t dedicate a lot of my time to housework.

So my mental priorities didn’t match my priorities I acted on. I have more goals for 2017, but those are for the next post.

MS Gulf Coast Half Marathon – Race Report

This past weekend was the inaugural Mississippi Gulf Coast Running Fest – we’ll call it that because I didn’t run the marathon, only the half. There were quite a few options for running – a 5K event Saturday morning with a kids run that day as well. Sunday hosted the half and the full distances in a point-to-point race ending in the Biloxi Shuckers Stadium.

This race was brought to us from the great folks from the Louisiana Marathon Weekend in Baton Rouge every January. By signing up for both events, one would receive a bonus medal – the Beach to Bayou medal. I mean, who doesn’t love extra bling?!

The expo was great. Only downfall was having to pay $5 (cash) for parking at the coliseum. A lot of people complained about that, but honestly there are very few expos that I’ve attended where you didn’t have to pay to park – either by event parking or paying a meter on a street. The official race merch was pretty sweet, I bought myself an etched wine glass. I was able to sign up for the Louisiana Half Marathon at the expo, so that was pretty cool as well. The race shirts are that soft cotton blend that we’ve all grown to love.

Race morning was smooth sailing. Due to the race being point-to-point, there were shuttles to get you to the start of each race. Half marathon shuttles were on the West side of the Coliseum and full marathon shuttles to the East. Shuttles started leaving at 4:45am and the last to leave was 6:10am for the half. Port-o-potties were at both shuttle locations as well as the start of each race

The full started at Henderson Point in Pass Christian. The half started from Jones Park in Gulfport. Highway 90 Eastbound was blocked off for a portion of the race and then later the left hand lane was open to eastbound traffic. Gear check was available at both starting lines. It was 37 degrees at the start so gear-check was a necessity. Water and powerade were both available at the starts as well.

About 20-15 minutes before race start an announcement was made to start peeling off your layers, check your bags, and get into position to cross on to hwy 90 (at that point we were in a grassy lot out of traffic). At 6:50am the National Anthem was played. At 6:55am Ainsley’s Angels started their race. At 7am we started to a gun start. No corrals were set up, but pace groups were available and you seeding yourself accordingly.

The race is 26.2 (13.1) miles of running along the beach, be prepared. There weren’t any bands or many spectators along the route. The water stops were about  every 1-1.5 miles with water and powerade, a few had honey stinger gels. The volunteers were great, definitely could have used a few more of them at some aid stations. But I was able to get a beverage quickly at each station and never informed they were out of anything. The route is flat and fast (we had minimal headwind most of the time, some stretches were most noticeable than others) – definitely think PR for this course.

Towards the end of the race, we turned up White Ave to run along Irish Hill to Howard Ave (due to high traffic from the interstate entrance/exit). That tiny hill was KILLER!! It was n
ice to get more spectators along Howard to help for that last mile. The end of the race is in the stadium, along the warning track, ending just short the first base line. Absolutely a great finish.

Post race party was awesome! Most everything you needed was clearly labeled – Medical, results, beer, merchandise (because we all bring our credit cards to races, right?!). They only thing NOT clearly labeled was where to pick up your checked gear. After I wandered around looking for it, I heard an announcement telling you where to go for it – they must have been getting that question a lot. You did have to walk up the stairs, go out of the stadium and down more stairs to get your bag, then back up stairs and down to the field. The stadium bathrooms were open so that was a nice bonus. I was able to change into compression pants, a clean shirt, and my jacket.

The food was AWESOME, although the lines were a little slow moving. Pulled pork sandwiches, tuna dip, gumbo, pasta salad, chicken wings and a TACO TRUCK! Coors products and Redd’s Apple Ale were beers available at the finish party. And for the non-drinkers Coca Cola products and Core Power recovery drinks were on hand. There was a band for live music. And the entire field was available for you to lay out and recover on. Shuttles were available to bring you back to your car at the coliseum until 2:30pm.

I had a great time at the event. Looking forward to keeping this in my regular race rotation – as long as it stays the second weekend in December and doesn’t migrate to the first weekend as that is St Jude Marathon weekend – race directors please read this and stick the second weekend 🙂 I’m looking forward to my first go at the Louisiana Half in January and earning my Beach to Bayou bling!!


Weigh in Wednesday

So I want to start talking about my transformation to where I am now.

At my heaviest, I was 185lbs of fatness. Not muscle + fat. Pure fatness.

This picture below is me at the same weight – just with a 20lb weight vest. I’m currently down 20lbs from my heaviest – which I am not happy about. This time last year I was 30lbs below my heaviest. At my best, I had gotten down to 40lbs below my heaviest.

Now 40lbs down was not the healthiest. I did it with dumb methods like eating like a rabbit and taking diet pills. I was young and stupid, whatever. I would like to get back down to 40lbs below my heaviest by lifting and then cutting and doing it healthy ways.

Now I said previously I’m not happy about only being 20lbs below my heaviest. With all my triathlon training, I’ve slacked on the weight training and building muscle….just a lot of cardio. Hard cardio, but cardio nonetheless. So I’ve managed to gain weight during triathalon training.

So my plans are to finish out this triathlon training, dial down my swimming. Do some yoga to reset my body. Then go at it with some Core De Force boxing/mma style workouts mixed with running to set up for the St Jude half in December and carry me into the NOLA Rock N Roll Marathon in February.

I have goals. I have plans. Now I just need to execute!