The Cups works!!

My final review of my first use!

So yes, a cup went there! And while hectic at first, I believe I finally got the hang of it and could wander around without mental freaking about the what if’s.

I think it’s so cool that I don’t have to go running after a decent swim. I don’t have to worry about squatting or running or even friggin yoga! Even better is that I’m decreasing my impact on the environment AND decreasing the potential toxins going into my body.

I will say it IS challenging at first! You need to be on high alert and have a backup plan available if you have to abort the attempt. And if you do have to go to your plan B, make sure you have a way to transport plan A. That’s where I screwed up on day 2. And you need to be in a single bathroom – definitely. Don’t try to use a stall restroom and change that sucker out.

Just an FYI, I can only speak to the cup that iiiiiiii purchased. I have no idea about any different ones as I didn’t buy one of each and trial them. I took the test and this one was one of my results. If you’re curious to read about mine, here it is!



There’s a WHAT…where?!

So..males or people who get uncomfortable, might want to stop reading now.



Hope you males are gone! A few weeks ago I decided to try some new things. 1) because I want to rid my body of the toxins that it’s exposed to daily. 2) I wanted to reduce waste wherever I can.

Decided to try a cup! Yeeeep…a cup.

I’ve heard a lot of great things about them so I decided to give it a try! You can take a super nifty little test to see which one you should purchase. I had NO idea there were so many options! So I took the quiz and ordered my winner!

So I had to wait a bit to use it because shark week just doesn’t happen because you have new thing to use. Here’s my feedback so far. Day 1 wasn’t terrible, everything seemed to go well. Evening/Day 2 was NOT ok. Apparently day 1 was a fluke and I just got lucky. Sleeping must have shifted some things around so I woke up running. I had some trouble with finding just the right spot and leaking was an issue.

From what I was told from others is that you definitely get to know yourself in ways you never knew. I just couldn’t get it into a good/non-leaking position at the beginning of the day. Thank goodness I had back up in my desk. BUT after going through a SUPER and only have some regulars for the afternoon, I decided to work on positions. Finally got it into a non-leaking one.

The rest of day 2 was pretty decent!! No leaking or craziness! Can’t wait to see what the rest of this does. So after the learning curve of day 1/-2, I think this might be pretty awesome! 


Hurricane Party – part 2

So the storm of the century wasn’t that terrible for the continental US. I can continental because she completely shredded the Florida Keys. She also completely annihilated the island of Barbuda to where 90% of the building are gone. This only a mere week after hurricane Harvey flooded the gulf coast of Texas.

We’ve had quite a bit of weather lately. All following a full on solar eclipse. Freaky?! Absolutely.

For a while it looked like Irma might swing our way and I would be riding it out alone. But in the end the other half didn’t have to go away – yet. And we’ve returned to business as usual at the hospital.

I have managed to acquire a wicked sinus infection since leaving work Thursday. So I spent all of my time off sneezing, couching, and blowing my nose.

Nothing too exciting as far as hurricanes here in Pensacola, but that’s how we like it. It’s crazy to watch the rest of the country tell us what we should or shouldn’t be doing in regards to a hurricane. Now that social media is so everywhere, people across the country have opinions. No, hurricanes don’t follow the “projected path”. Meteorologists can’t 100% say exactly where a storm is going to go over 7 days. Yes, the 500 mile long and 130 mile wide state will need to evacuate well before a storm because it’s a friggin long ass state with only ONE direction to evacuate.

Fortunately for us, we live in what’s considered “lower Alabama”. We’re usually not even considered Florida.

So we went out on Sunday before the storm and checked out Pensacola Beach. I really wish I would have brought my suit as I would have loved to play in the waves! Literally my favorite.

Hurricane party – Part 1

Hey hey would be really great if you could take yourself AWAY from the US. Kthxbye!

Yes, here we sit with the aftermath of Harvey still happening and thousands without homes. We Floridians are preparing just in case our number is called by Irma. Having lived through Katrina and her destruction, I know a thing or two about a thing or two.

For those of you without a clue as to what I’m talking about. Irma was bumped up to a CAT4  while she’s still DAYS away from the US. But people are on high alert due to the recent Harvey escalation. Understandable.

So I took my ass to Target tonight to gather some supplies before the crazies took everything. Here’s my haul. Yep. That’s 4 gallons of water, 10 packs of tuna, beef jerky, and Larabars. For those of you not familiar with hurricane procedure, you’re basically on your own for the first 24-72 hours. So you need to at least have enough supplies to get your household through that time. Relief services come in and set up distribution areas as they can. Then word gets out and you travel to the distribution centers as you need them. We would go daily to get ice, water, and MREs.

The man is on shift today so they actually went off to Home Depot to gather some things. A few extra gas cans and extension cords for our generator, batteries for all our flashlights, and battery powered radio.

For those interested, FEMA puts out a really great list of the things you need to have on hand during hurricane prep. You can find it here. Also, just another thing to think about is having your vehicles based and ready to move out in bumper to bumper traffic if need by. Cash is always good to have. And if you have the means – yard tools, yard trash bags, chainsaws. Even if the storm isn’t a direct hit, you can get a LOT of yard debris. Go ahead and start cleaning it while you don’t have power.

I’ll keep you guys updated on the crazy of hurricanes in Florida!

Confession: I am a slave to the scale

Yep, I am.

I think I would handle it better if the image I saw in the mirror was a toned, defined body as opposed to a fluffy body with cottage cheese thighs. (it’s ok to laugh at that description, I’m not saying it for sympathy). They say we are our own worst critic and I am definitely out to tear myself down.

There’s always someone prettier, better, smarter, faster, the list goes on. And it’s true. As long as you keep comparing yourself to everyone there will always be someone better than you in every aspect – except being you.

I’m not sure when it began, probably long ago in those early years. I was always a fluffier kid. I was active sure, but I’m betting my diet was crap. As long as I can remember I’ve had an affinity for carbs – specifically sweets. I probably should have gone into competitive eating because a pack of oreos or chewy chips ahoy were no match for juvenile Kim.

So each day I battle the addiction to eat sweets and the addiction to be thinner – most days the carbs win. And then I hate myself. I’m sabotaging my own goals and I can’t for the life of me understand why. Don’t I desire to be in shape? Then why do I keep wrenching my goals away from myself? I can workout until I’m red in the face, until every fiber of my body feels broken, until I can’t lift another bar – and then I’ll do it all again the next day. I have NO problem doing that. So why can’t I let go of the carbs?

Is it because I am obsessed with the scale? Am I scared of what I’ll become once I DO reach a goal weight? Will it not be good enough for me? Will I keep reaching for a smaller number? Or will I actually be satisfied, relieved, actually ENJOY life? I guess there’s only one way to find out. This week will be consumed with the planning stage and slowly integrating better eating. Next week – it’s ON! I’ve got to tighten these reigns and see what happens when goals are reached!!

Cheers to 2017!

I for one am looking forward to 2017! I have lots of great races planned with my fraaaands. I have a marathon to run with my better half in just a few short weeks. I need to do a little personal development and be a better person inside and out. And of course I have financial goals to reach as well.

That’s right, goals not resolutions. Resolutions are vague “eat healthy” “lose weight” “be better than I was last year”. What the HELL do any of those mean!?

I have goals!!!

  • 5K time to 29 minutes or less
  • Half marathon time to 2h15m or less
  • 70.3 – sub 6h30m
  • %BF from 28 to 20%
  • Stick to the ketogenic diet
  • Read 20 personal development books this year
  • Credit Card/PayPal Credit down to $0

In order to stay on task, I’m going to keep these goals posted where I can see them.  To remind myself that my goals are bigger than any instant gratification. Great success takes great sacrifice and that is what my 2017 will be about. Don’t think I’m going to be living like a hermit, I will enjoy my life, family, and friends. But keeping on track is my main concern.

What are YOUR goals for 2017?!

Colonoscopy for Christmas?

Soo…Today I start prepping for my colonoscopy Friday. Yes that’s right, it’s Wednesday and I have to start my prep tonight.

Oh but Kim, you’re only 34 why are you getting a colonoscopy. Funny you ask…

So a few months ago I was feeling really shitty from Ironman training. Like workout, work, come home and sleep until the next morning. On days that I had enough energy, I would do my afternoon workout. I decided to go see a doctor to find out why I was so tired. Come to find out, my iron level is drastically low. No one wanted to say critical, but I got the words drastically and impressively low.

Now I’m on iron pills. Now I get my blood drawn every month (seems a little counterproductive if we’re trying to KEEP iron in my blood but I’m not the doctor here). Well, I haven’t had any blood loss injuries and my cycle isn’t a river so the next thing to check is the GI tract.

We’re doing a colonoscopy to rule out:

  • Cancer
  • Celiac
  • Ulcers

Once we rule those out, I then earn the diagnosis of Idiopathic Iron Deficiency Anemia and I have to do iron supplementation for the rest of my life. Basically “we don’t know why you’re deficient, but you are so take pills – yay”.

Back to the Prep

So yeah, I have to drink some stuff Wednesday night to get the party started. Thursday is all clear liquids – no red, purple, or blue colors – ALL day. I thought it was just the afternoon, I was wrong, I’m going to starve. So all clears until 2pm where I start taking pills and drinking the prep. I’ll spare details. Then Friday is my big day!

So I’m nervous and ready to get this over with, but I’ve got a lot of great resources I’ve been chatting with to prep me for my big day. Hopefully it’s my last for a loooooong time!

Quick thoughts on 2016

2016 is coming to a close and I’m pretty excited about 2017.

I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to in 2016. I had a less than stellar finish at Augusta 70.3. I attempted and failed an Ironman in November. I had some medical issues that put me on the sidelines for a little bit, but I’m making a comeback.

Watching our team Surge today, this was on a slide. My honest answer is – No. I didn’t push as hard, I didn’t train as hard, I didn’t work as hard as I needed to. Did I accomplish some goals? Absolutely! Just last week I PR’d my half marathon time.

2016 wasn’t my year, was it yours?

I really wanted it to be my year…in my head. My actions proved otherwise. I did a lot of sitting, being lazy, unmotivated, unfocused. I gained 20lbs. But I’ve also done a lot of thinking. Opening my mind to new ideas and new plans for my life.

2016 was our first year to live as homeowners and we took our back yard from a jungle to…less of a jungle. It’s not perfect, but I am to blame as I was training for my full Iron and I didn’t dedicate a lot of my time to housework.

So my mental priorities didn’t match my priorities I acted on. I have more goals for 2017, but those are for the next post.

Doggy Beach Day

We’re lucky enough to have a multitude of options available to take our dogs to play. Unfortunately, we have asshole dogs. They aren’t the friendliest at times and sometimes they are TOO friendly and they will go hang out with anyone and everyone – even yards down the beach. All too often Danny and I are yelling at them more than any other doggy parent is yelling at their fur babies.

We kept them on their leashes until they figured out the rules of the beach. Simpson was released first because all he really wanted to do was dig holes. Gambit is a little harder to control so we had to make sure he wasn’t going to take off. So here’s our little adventure out at the beach!

Coaching Sneak Peek!!

I have been SO thankful to have Beachbody in my life this past year. I have made SO many new friends family. I have helped build my little fitness community with my amazing Rockstar team.

I am looking for a few ladies who are passionate about starting their own health journey and inspiring others along the way. If this even remotely sounds like you, click the link here and RSVP to our event. We have 4 fabulous ladies speaking about the amazingness of coaching and how it has CHANGED OUR LIVES for the better!

Our Sneak Peek will tell you how we all got started and our Why that drives us. We’ll talk about the different levels of coaching, benefits of coaching, how to live the dream coach life, and much more! You’ve got nothing to lose!