Hammer & Chisel Week 1 Review


What a week this has been. Hammer & Chisel (H&C) is NO JOKE. I am sore. I wake up sore. I go to bed sore. SORE. Not the immobilizing “omg I can’t walk” sore, but the “I can tell I did some work” sore. You all know the difference.


Beginners Un-Welcome?

I am a fairly fit person and some of these days were challenging to say the least. The modifications are minimal at that. The modifications that are shown are because you lack equipment NOT modifications because you lack skill – resistance bands because you don’t have a pull-up bar or using a stability ball because you don’t have a bench. You’re expected to be able to do push-ups. You’re expected to do the exercises with  weights (adjust to a lighter set if necessary, but there’s no dropping down to no weight). This isn’t a program to drop a lot of fluff. This is a program is for people who are looking to get chiseled; meaning you have 15 or less pounds to lose and you’ve already made good headway on your journey to health. If you’re looking to start your journey to health and wellness fill out my fitness assessment here.

Why Am I Doing This?!

Because I’m CRAZY!! No really. I need to tone up and get rid of this fluff I’m carrying around. And it’s the triathlon off season so I needed something to keep myself motivated while this weather attempts to figure out what it wants to do. I am also doing this program while working on my running training and swimming 3 days a week. Actually, I think I am crazy.


This First Week!


Monday – Chisel Balance

Started the day with my usual early am swim. Day 1 completed and I fell to the floor! I was wiped out – just from day 1! Pistols! Pistols on Day 1. Who does that?!



Tuesday – Hammer Plyo

This was my first workout with Sagi. He’s hilarious. My favorite line was “If you need to puke, get a bucket, keep going”.  More leg work today but all the bouncing. I then went to Pensacola Fit Club where we also had Plyo work today – aaaaarrrggghhhh!!!!



Wednesday – Iso Strength Chisel

Last 2 a day workout day, early am swim; H&C at night. Back to Autumn, she is brutal in this program. There’s no resting. It’s however long it takes her to explain the next move to us. Then it’s back to work. These workouts – 10 reps, 10 sec isometric hold, 10 reps, 10 sec hold, 10 reps, 10 sec hold, die.

Are we noticing a pattern here? These workouts literally bring me to the floor.

Thursday – OFF

I literally did nothing but go to work.

Friday – Iso Speed Hammer

This was a little different from Autumn’s, instead of a hold it was: 10 reps, 10 super fast reps, repeat. Not terrible, but not a huge break. I’m so glad these workouts are 60 minutes!

Saturday – Chisel Endurance

I attempted this workout Saturday am before we had to hit the road, I only got about halfway through. You’re in each workout for a minute, going HAAAAAAAAMMMM or whatever speed you like. I actually did the entire workout on Sunday, doubling up with Sunday’s workouts.

Sunday – Total Body Hammer & 10 Min Ab Hammer

Started the day with a nice 5 mile run with my bestie in Ocean Springs. Headed home later that afternoon to do a double H&C workout day with Danny in our garage gym. Started Chisel Endurance back at square 1 so I ended up doing 1 1/2 of those workouts. There was sweat dripping everywhere. EVERYWHERE.


Overall Thoughts

I love this program!!! I love the challenge. I love the sweat. I love the feeling after I complete each workout. I also love that Danny is doing this with me. We are sweating along side each other, motivating each other. (From him) He’s enjoying this program, he feels like he’s knocked the dust off and is back in the workout routine. We had previously been going the gym and running, but we fell off that wagon =/


What Next??

Stayed tuned for my weekly wrap-ups, I’ll try to get them done closer to the beginning of the week. This will help me stay motivated and keep me accountable.

If you want to join my next Challenge Group starting in January and you want to do The Master’s Hammer & Chisel, click here. If you want to join the challenge, but would like a different workout, click here to fill out my fitness assessment and I’ll find the right program for you! Challenge groups are AWESOME because you’re automatically connected to ME as your personal Coach AND you get motivation, support, and accountability. Start the new year with a new you!


My 3 Day Refresh Experience


I decided that my piss poor diet and lackluster exercise regimen needed a kick start before the new year (and the new Hammer & Chisel program). So as a household we decided to do a 3 Day Refresh.  Yes, that means Danny completed it as well.

Preface: 3 Day Refresh is a whole foods, very low calorie but high nutrient density meal plan. It is not recommended to do strenuous exercises during these 3 days.

Monday – Day 1

Work day for Danny so I sent him off with his shakes, fruits, and veggies for the day.

Swim day for me so I headed to the pool for my 5am swim. Easy 2300yds then off to work. IMG_5954Breakfast for me was my vegan chocolate shake with a side of green grapes. Mid-morning was time for my fiber sweep – I make mine with hot water and some True Lemon powder and then I eat it with a spoon. I definitely cannot stomach it as a beverage. Lunch was an easy serving of cucumbers, apples with nut butter, and the Vanilla Fresh shake. Afternoon snack was celery and nut butter. Dinner was a bowl full of steamed veggies and another Vanilla Refresh.

Pros: I actually felt full. I never felt deprived, but I think I stretched out my eating time. I think
since I knew I wasn’t going to have mass amounts of foods to graze on, I made sure to enjoy what I was eating. I didn’t scarf down food.

Cons: The only con was that I felt confined to certain foods. I brought some food for home, but I was depending on my cafeteria to have some decent veggies…they did not.

Danny’s Pros: He stayed busy enough during the day at work to not be thinking about eating/grazing.

Danny’s Cons: He felt like some of the foods were hard to stomach; in that they were lacking flavor/sauce/condiments.

Tuesday – Day 2

3DR_Day0-1_imageTuesday was essentially the same as Monday – except no swimming. All the meals were the same for me except for dinner. I was busy at work – I kept my nose out of the break room and the mini fridges where I know the goodies hide. Danny was a home/running errands so he had to fight the mindless eating if he was sitting watching tv. He didn’t get hunger pains or anything like that. We both hit our water goals – which lead to extra trips to the bathroom all dang day. We did think about going for a run, but opted to go see The Hunger Games instead.

Both of our Pros: Again, very easy to plan. Felt satisfied all day – not many cravings. We both felt energized – mentally, not fatigued.

Both of our Cons: let’s just say with the high veggie intake, you get a little gassy. That’s just the way of the increased fiber world, there’s no putting it nicely.


Wednesday – Day 3

The final day!!


Today was a swim day for me and WHOA. We had some had 8×125’s – first 2 at the slowest time, by the time you got to the last 2 you had taken 20 seconds off your time. It. Was. Brutal. I definitely felt the effects of a low carb/low protein diet. I was sucking air HARD. Probably the dumbest thing I’ve done in a while, BUT I survived. My usual fasted cardio was extra fasted and no bueno.

Eating was similar to the past 2 days, only I had broccoli for lunch with my cucumber and apples – OoooOOoo..! I will say I was hungrier than previous days (likely from the swimming) but it didn’t make me crave anything crazy – just food.

IMG_5968Pros: Satisfied, energized, no bad cravings.

Cons: Seriously, the gas. So much gas. I’m not even playing. I was SO scared I was going to get too relaxed at my massage this evening and let one rip =/







Kim lost:  5.6 pounds  1.5 inches overall

Danny lost:  7 pounds (he didn’t take measurements)



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2015 Augusta 70.3 – Part 2


We got to sleep in the am – Danny a little longer than I did because someone might have had a little to much to drink the night before. As race participants we got a list of local facilities we could use for free or a small fee to loosen up a little before race day. I chose the YMCA closest to my hotel and AWAY from the Athlete Village. I wasn’t going for distance, merely a nice 30 minute swim to loosen up. They wouldn’t let me use the outside pool due to it being too cold – cute. So I had to suffer in the very warm indoor pool. Had a great swim nonetheless. I wish I would have known the awesomeness of the facility prior to going or I would have done a little more of a workout on land. Instead I just swam, worked on some flexibility in the hot tub, showered and left.IMG_5337

I ran to Target for some supplies and headed back to watch some TV while someone was recovering from the night before. Finally it was time to gather up the bike and bring it to the transition area. Unfortunately, we had to park a little bit away from the transition and walk the bike into the area. Only athletes are allowed into the transition area so Danny had to wait patiently for me to set up the bike where it belongs.

In transition we met up with a bunch of IPAers and we all caught up and started our walks back to the cars. Danny and I decided to bring our car to downtown to park for the day. There was an IPA picture scheduled for 3pm so we wandered around and killed some time until then. Picture time came and went, we were starving and the Florida game was starting at 3:30pm.


We headed for pizza at The Pizza Joint!

Pizza was a nice social time with good food and friends and watching a little bit of Florida whoop up on Tennessee. We started with garlic knots and ended with pizza with ALL of the meat. Hydration was the important part for me – Danny was hydrating with beer =)





We decided we wanted sweets so we headed to Boll Weevil for the biggest slices of cake ever. We all had eyes bigger than our stomachs allowed but Danny and I were the only ones to bring leftovers back to our hotel (I was SO thankful for those the next evening after the race).






The rest of the evening was spent relaxing at the hotel. I set out everything I needed for the next day – morning clothes/food, loaded my transition pack for the day, post race clothes.




Tomorrow is RACE DAY!!!


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2015 Augusta 70.3 – Part 1

It’s been about 2 weeks since I became an Ironman 70.3 Finisher. It’s still sinking in. It’s too much for one post! Let’s discuss the days leading up to the big show.


I worked Thursday and then we left shortly after work. IMG_5258We decided to get the majority of the driving done on Thursday so we could sleep in on Friday and just a tiny drive that morning. Danny has been an amazing better half, support system, and good spirited guy. I drove the entire evening drive to Conyers, GA. But first we had to stop and grab some dinner before laying our heads down for the evening.

So what do we do?! Carb up at Cracker Barrel of course. Fun fact, there’s a Cracker Barrel roughly every 30 minutes on major interstate. Ta-da! The more you know…









We had to drive though some crazy rain. Poor Big Blue got a little bit wet, but she managed to come out of it all just fine. We did decide that I needed a bike cover for her to keep her from getting so rain soaked.


The great thing about Hampton Inn’s are free breakfast! I carbed up with a waffle with peanut butter and sugar free syrup. IMG_5267Ate it too quick to think about taking a picture.
We only had about a 2 hour drive to the Augusta Convention Center – just a straight shot down I20…basically. We might have missed our exit and took the scenic route to South Carolina. =D

Before we got to the convention center, I mixed us up some Shakeology treats so we could get our balanced nutrition before heading into the Racer Village. I’ve been to many a road race expos but never an Ironman, so I didn’t know what to expect at this one.


It was not as amazing as I visioned, but fun nonetheless.



We arrived at the Athlete Village! But they only let 10 people in at a time. In order to get into the Village, you had to do all your racer check-in nonsense. To keep the lines shorter, they corralled us and let us in as small groups.

My year of birth was wrong on my entry, and the little blue-haired lady wouldn’t accept it. She B-lined me directly to the table to get all my information changed. This actually bumped me up to a 20 minute earlier start and a different colored swim cap. IMG_5275



After the expo Village and my mandatory highly suggested Athlete Information Meeting, we decided to take a trip to the Transition Area so we knew where to drop off my bike the next day. They were just putting up all the inflatables!


Once we knew where to go the next day it was time to get checked in to the hotel and get cleaned up for our evening adventures.




Most of the cool places to go in Augusta are all along one main drag. Danny wanted sushi, so we decided to check out this place called Sole which had sushi and tapas. GREAT place. We ended up dated a lot of tapas because everything looked awesome.

We started with some beef tataki , got some fried grit/cheese concoction, and a sushi roll! We also got a lesson in gin from the owner and the bartenders – apparently gin is making a comeback with a less piney smell/taste. Yippee!

We wanted to try some other places on our only free night before the race, so we headed over to Hive Growler Bar.



SO many fantastic beers that we don’t have access to. Another great thing about there beers is that you could get a flight sized beer, a pint sized or get a growler filled!

And they have some pretty awesome social media that integrates into what your drinking. I checked a beer in on my Untappd app and then I appeared on the screen in the bar as checked in, drinking that beer, and my comments about it. So you can see what’s popular at that time and what others are saying about it.

We also had to try some food. We opted for the poutine which was delicious!

That wraps up our evening. Next up will be the day before the race.

Here’s some of the rest of the pics from our adventures!



Fueling the Ironman in Training

All of the groceries and race prep are done! (I think)


I got all of the foods I want to eat for this upcoming week. I’ve been craving some fruit so I stocked up on watermelon and cantaloupe. I also got low fat vanilla yogurt, peanut butter, and light cool whip to make a dip for the fruit. Some shredded chicken to make chicken salad and a couple cucumbers to eat it with instead of crackers. I might splurge with a few everything pretzel crackers with it though. Sweet potatoes for veggies carbs during the week.

The bottled water will have some of the Performance Line Hydrate added to them and be taken on my bike so I can throw them away and exchange them for cold ones at water stops. The peanut butter crackers are for my actual food during the race and pre-race. My stomach doesn’t tolerate too much, so we eat simple things at races. Mini sunscreen and baby wipes are to keep on hand in my transition area.

Road snacks are important as well. We have a 6-7 hour drive to cover over Thursday and Friday. We don’t need to be living off of gas station rations. So I bought some organic white cheddar popcorn and sweet potato chips. Hopefully it will help with my salt intake before the race.

Rice cakes are my guilty pleasure. Slather a little peanut butter on them and they’re a great sweet snack to take the cravings off.

Other than that..I’ve just been relaxed. Did a little swimming Monday and today. Yesterday I went to Pensacola Fit Club and did a bit of 21 Day Fix Plyo. This evening I’ll be getting a massage to get loosened up before our road trip. Can’t be sitting in a car for too long all twisted. Compression pants will be worn during the ride and any walking around so that I’m not accumulating fluid in my lower extremities.

I think I’m ready. I’ve prepped. I’ve prepared. I’m mentally ready for the challenge. I’m not nervous or excited. I think I’m ready to check the completed box and move on.


PS – Today is my dad’s birthday so if you know him on Facebook or in real life – tell him to have a great one!!

The Final Mere Mortals

Sunday was the final Mere Mortals training and it ended with a Members Only Triathlon! I’m half sad that there’s no more training on Sunday mornings and I’m half happy because now I get to sleep past 5:25am.

The event was a full on race (read Practice, because that was drilled into our heads beforehand). We had timing chips, time clocks, bibs, body markings, and some great food & beverages after the race!


My drive across 3 mile bridge to the MOT!

I set up and damn fine transition! Having the perfect transition makes all the difference. If you’re gear and nutritional is just thrown about, you waste precious time in the transition. If you have everything laid out in the order of use, you make light work of your transition. Yes, my swim cap and goggles are down there, but I picked those up and placed my TGC visor down there instead.



Check out this awesome sunrise we got to witness before our MOT.

I had a decent race. I felt great in the swim, so comfortable. The water was smooth as glass and so clear. It was so beautiful to look down and see the jellyfish and other fish swimming around. The males had a 3 minute head start – I ended up passing a few of them.

Transition went well, nice and quick.

The bike…oh the bike. I felt good for the first 7 or so miles. Then my right hip flexor started talking to me. Then it started yelling. So instead of clipping along at my pretty decent pace, I fell back and did a fairly slow – but not killing my hip flexor ride.

I’ve gotten better at getting out of my shoes while they’re still clipped into the bike – this will definitely cut down my transition time AND keep me from running on my clips on concrete. Transition went well again. Absolutely worth taking the time to put socks on to run. SO worth it.

The run was a run. Not a running all the time run, but I broke it down to a nice 3 minute run, 1 minute walk intervals. My legs are definitely less baby-giraffe than when I started this whole multi-sport thing earlier this year.


I’m going to miss my watermelon selfies!

The most important aspect all of this training – RECOVERY. Every Sunday after these swim/bike/run ordeals, I’ve spent the day in compression pants. Legs slathered in biofreeze and compression. It makes a world of different when you know you’ll be swimming in 24 hours. I also take my Performance Line Recharge at night so I can get soak up all that protein while I sleep. I also take ice baths. I’m one of the rate birds that actually enjoys the cold.


Ice bath magic!

So it’s less than a week to Augusta 70.3. I’m ready.