Money Well Spent

**Disclaimer** I am NOT bashing these products, simply making a comparison statement. I have a fabulous consultant and YES all these products are mine and I USE them ALL. I will gladly give you the names of at least 7 R+F consultants that are amazing!!


Ladies. I want to address something that seems to be running rampant on the internet lately – the singular use of skin care products. Let’s be clear, I use skin care products because I care about my complexion, my wrinkles, my dark circles, my sun spots AND the future state of my skin. BUT I also drink a shake daily and eat healthy for over all, well-balanced nutrition. I workout regularly and stretch to keep my body in tip-top shape. (it might not look it, and yes sometimes I look like a hot mess…but I’m TRYING)

So someone PLEASE explain to me why women are sinking hundreds of dollars a month on products for their face ONLY?? So you want to have an amazing face but you don’t care about your body? Or do you care about your body but not sure how to start taking care of it? I seriously need to know!!

When I ask people what’s stopping them from being healthy it’s always cost. Well, cost and time. But if you consider it an investment – like you’re investing in your face – the cost shouldn’t be an issue. It’s only expensive if it doesn’t work. When it works, it’s an investment in YOUR HEALTH. I mean, hello!!!

I definitely value the power of a pretty face. Hell I’ve been a R+F user for about 3 years now. I can’t tell you how much confidence I have gained by having a clearer face. I had painful acne, those ugly deep ones that you could feel coming for days but nothing would make it go away. Then it would linger on your face for what seemed like eternity. Yes that might be TMI for you, but it’s real.

I couldn’t tell you the last time I’ve had one of those breakouts. Seriously. Having a clear face gave me the power to go without a lengthy makeup routine in the mornings. I’ve been comfortable rolling out of bed and running errands without wonder if people were going to stare at my pizza face.

WHY am I telling you all this?? WHY am I raving about a skin care line that I don’t even sell? Because I’ve been there. I’ve been lacking self-esteem. I’ve been in a low place where I didn’t take care of myself. I started slow. I said “let’s take care of this face”. Then I said “let’s take care of this body”.


So maybe it’s time for you to take care of your body too?


Think about it. And if you think it truly is time to start taking charge of your health – message me, wave a flag, tackle me in Target (not too hard I have a 70.3 next month). Let’s get you started on your journey to being not just a pretty face! MUAH!



Transformation Tuesday – Frustrated edition

For my #TransformationTuesday, I’m going to take a minute to be real. I have desperately been wanting to lose weight, in the past year I’ve gained 10-15lbs – and not in the positive, defined muscle way.
No matter what I do or how clean I eat, I can’t lose the fluff.
My stress level at work is THROUGH THE ROOF without any clear sign of easing up. My workouts have been hit and miss. I ALWAYS swim unless we get canceled due to lightning (aka yesterday morning, SO dumb). I’ve been doing more weight lifting lately (which I walked away from when I started triathlon training). But weight training gets Danny in the gym working out with me so I’ll do it. Plus I like lifting heavy things.
As far as doing a Beachbody program…I’ve started, and restarted and basically get about 4 weeks in before something throws it off track and I need a restart. Really the only thing I’ve done consistently is swim.
With the eating…It’s not a terrible baseline – shakeology post workout, egg white omelette breakfast, protein bar mid morning, decently balanced lunch, mid-afternoon snack, decent dinner, post-workout protein shake.
Now sometimes there might be a donut – or two since we’re being real – subbing the protein bar. And sometimes I might eat a bag of white cheddar Pirate Booty as dinner instead of something balanced. But about 80% of the time, I’m hitting my macros and doing some sort of workout and I just.keep.getting.fluffier.
So. Some of you might be reading this thinking “this is so me” and some of you might be thinking “GTFO Kim, you aren’t trying hard enough”. Could I eat cleaner? Absofrickinglutely. And I’m working on it. Yesterday was super clean, but I only managed to get in ~1200kcal with a 350kcal burn – not good. Today I’m working on more kcal intake. More water. More movement.
I’m frustrated. I’m sad. I’m borderline depressed about it. I’m lost.
I do NOT love this body right now. Some of you are probably dying to have a body like this – and that was NOT meant in the narcissistic way, but we’re all at different stages of our journey. I look at fitter women and desire to have a body like theirs, it’s just a cycle.
I hate that I work and I portion and I plan and I fail. So the next logical step is to hit up a doc and see if there’s some screwiness with my hormones. The lady doc thinks there is but she’s not my PCP so now it’s time to play that revolving door game.
I just wanted to get that out there. I’ve been holding it in and keeping it silent, but it’s time to share. It’s time to let you guys know that I’ve been feeling like a failure and that I definitely can’t inspire anyone when I don’t like looking at myself.
Sometimes you’re transformations aren’t the butterfly and rainbow types, but self realization and growth is always a positive transformation.

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Let Me Upgrade You

As I become a more serious triathlete, I needed to upgrade from a road bike to a tri bike. Tri bikes are typically lighter and built more for the rider being in aero position. Road bikes are built for a more upright ride, using all of your leg to pedal, but can be converted to ride in aero.



So after a good year of riding on my beautiful Big Blue, I set my sights on a tri bike. I am now a proud member of the Quintana Roo Family with the purchase of my 2015 Dulce! Don’t worry though, my Big Blue went to a great home and I will get to visit with her from time to time while I’m training with Angela for her first sprint tri! Yes, I don’t need to be a collector of bikes for road races, I sold it to Angela and I must say – they make a great looking pair!



Saturday The fabulous folks at Gulf Coast Cycle and Tri had me come in for my bike fitting. I knew bike fitting was important, but Patrick did a great job explaining the why behind everything we were doing.



We had me ride for about 5 minutes to get comfortable on the bike, after that it was time for adjustments!

First off was measuring the angle of my knee while seated, there’s a certain degree you want the knee to make while your leg is extended down.


You also want to line up your shoulder and toe a bit, this way you’re engaging more of your quads as opposed to using your entire leg to pedal.



After we made some adjustments to the saddle, then I got to hunker down into aero position to do some fun 12576287_10204159525986896_874947553_nmeasurements with angles. There’s so many things that Patrick was looking at –
angle of my body to my shoulder, my elbow angle, – everything! I forgot the exact numbers we wanted, but we got me into 99 degrees and he said that was great!

After we got the angles adjusted, all that was left was to adjust my aerobars to a place where I could comfortably switch gears – down with my thumb and up with about 2 fingers – not my entire hand.

That was all for this fitting. We did talk about my post height, I have some spacers in there to make my front post pretty high. Once I get comfortable at that position, we’ll start taking a spacer out at a time to get me lowered into a more aero position. It’s the typical triathlete riding position of ass in the air. As you can see, I’m nowhere near there yet. But give me about a year 😉


IF you live in Pensacola, come see the guys at Gulf Coast Cycle & Tri! Patrick, Brian, all the guys are great! They’re super knowledgeable and willing to work with you. They also help you understand the process and the reasoning to what the are doing in regard to a fitting. They also have all the swim gear you need!

On Saturday’s there are group rides – sometimes they become trainer rides when it’s super cold out. You can check them out on Facebook as well – GCCT to find out more details on their Saturday rides. Tell them I sent ya! And while you’re there, say hello to Humphrey – He’s the shop cat 😉



2016 Race Schedule



Big Beach Half Marathon

Gulf Shores, Alabama




Double Bridge 15K

Pensacola, Florida


Frosted Fanny Duathlon

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi




BattleFrog Extreme

Tampa, Florida


Azalea Trail Run 10K

Mobile, Alabama


Crescent City Classic 10Klogo.png.pagespeed.ce.URkPKyNFOy

New Orleans, Louisiana




Traditions Triathlon

Biloxi, MS


Tough Mudder

Milton, FL




Grandman Triathlon

Fairhope, AL




In Hot Pursuit Duathlon

Bay St. Louis, MS


Portofino Triathlon

Pensacola Beach, FL




Alabama Coastal

Gulf Shores, AL


Augusta Half Ironman 70.3

Augusta, GA




RyanMan 70.3

Brandon, MS




St Jude 1/2 Marathon

Memphis, TN

Hammer & Chisel – week 4 part 1

So I bet you came to this post looking for a week 4 review considering my week 4 was supposed to take place last week. Well, it didn’t. We attempted. We did Sunday and Monday and half of Tuesday. And then it pretty much fell off the wagon.

Life will grab you and jerk you around sometimes.

The weather changed. Work was stressful. My body felt like a ton of bricks and I was all around exhausted. I know my body. I know when to not push. I kept up my swimming though – 3 days a week. Pretty slow swimming, but swimming. Danny wasn’t feeling well either.

We listened to our bodies. We rested. We gained some weight.


Yep. I’m here to tell you it happens with coaches too. We attempted to make better food choices since we weren’t working out as much as we liked. I made some super healthy meatballs from the Fixate cookbook.



But we still have some making up to do.

So we decided to redo week 4. It happens. Life happens. You REBOOT and you come back.

The end.

Shakeology Boost Bundles

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Shakeology Cafe Latte

What’s that? Do you say Shakeology is releasing a BRAND NEW flavor on JANUARY 11th?!

Sure did!


What is Café Latte Shakeology?

Everyone’s heard of the coffee bean, but how many are aware that the red, fleshy fruit that surrounds it is actually a powerful superfood? Café Latte Shakeology now includes Whole Coffee Fruit, an incredible superfood, and has a rich, aromatic café latte flavor. By using the whole fruit, it lowers its carbon footprint while delivering the delightful refreshment found in a cafe cup of joe. It has all the exotic superfood ingredients necessary to deliver a daily dose of dense nutrition. Shakeology is nutrition simplified. It can help to increase healthy energy, reduce cravings, support weight loss, and improve digestion and regularity.

What does it taste like?

A robust and smooth café latte flavor that is light enough for coffee and non-coffee drinkers alike

What’s the Protein source?

Whey, sacha inchi, chia, flax, quinoa, & pea

How can it be purchased?

  • 30 Day serving bag
  • 24 individual serving packets
  • Barista Triple Combo Pack: 8 Chocolate, 8 Vanilla, & 8 Café Latte

How can I get my grubby little hands on it?!

If you’re already a Beachbody customer with a Shakeology HD order – go in to your account and edit your Shakeology HD order ON or AFTER January 11th (you can’t do it early unfortunately) and select the Cafe Latte flavor.

If you would like to join Beachbody and have ME as your personal coach – fill out this fitness assessment and together we’ll select the program for you AND add the fantastic new flavor to give you your healthiest meal of the day.

What about recipes?!

Absolutely! They’re keeping them hidden for now, but once Cafe Latte is “live” you’ll be able to find awesome delicious recipes at the same place you find all of our Shakeology recipes – right here.

So go out and give it a try and then COME BACK to this post and tell me what you think about it!! Give me your best reviews.

Hammer & Chisel week 3 review

It is week 3 and I’m still hanging in there! I have felt sore this entire time. Again, not like a death march or anything, but I can feel that I’ve been working out. I really loved last week’s incorporation of only lifts, agility (think fast feet), and total body movements.


IMG_6261Total Body Hammer – Monday

I had a shorter than usual swim this am due to the water being turned off to the showers. Coach let me know so I could get out each and head home since I normally shower and head to work. As for Hammer & Chisel – Another repeat. We finally brought our bench into our home gym. I got to use heavier weight on the bench presses – as well as for the other lifts. Now that we have a men’s bar, I can use that 45lbs bar for my “light to medium” weights.



IMG_6266Chisel Agility – Tuesday

Danny is getting SO much better at agility!! I know he originally hated it, and he still dislikes it. But he is improving. I like this workout because it’s fairly easy, but I dislike it because it’s kind of silly.

Rarity of rarities, he got in my accountability picture with me! He definitely looks better than me after a workout.

After my Hammer & Chisel workout, I headed to Pensacola Fit Club for the last workout of the year! What a great leg burner!! AND my person coach came up from Tampa to workout with us =) I really love my Fit Family that I have inherited from my Beachbody career path. It’s been less than a year but I already hold a special place in my heart for these people.




Max Hammer Strength – Wednesday

This is still on of my favorites because it’s pretty brutal. You do the move with no weight for 60 seconds. Then you grab some heavy weight and crank out 8 reps. I love heavy weight! But man, those 60 seconds can wear you out!


Off – Thursday

It’s New Years Eve and I had every intention of heading to the gym to spend some time with my favorite stairmill. Unfortunately my gym closed at 2pm and I got off work at 1:50pm. So rest day it is, unless I decide to wander out to the garage. The weather has been shit here so it’s an inside kind of day week.


Total Body Chisel – Friday

Seriously, this is 1 Autumn workout I lookout for. I love the bigger moves BUT I think I might have gone a little heavy this round. Now that we have our weight bench & bar I load that sucker up and go to town. I know going heavier makes me more sore, but it’s SO much more of a workout than those dinky 10lbs I was playing with prior to.

Hammer Plyometrics – Saturday Sunday

So Saturday I started the day with some awesome fellow coaches & new friends. We did a little less than 5 miles and took some footage for an awesome OCRTube video. It was a little muddy and a little chilly but fun none the less. I ended up tweaking my calf a little bit that morning in some loose sand so I held off on Plyo for the day.


Iso Strength Chisel – Sunday Monday

So I did my Plyo on Sunday and still felt a little off – couldn’t do the explosiveness. So I held off on this workout and doubled up on Monday. I’m not a fan of this workout – mainly because it’s hard. My new chiseled body is a fan of this workout, but my fat kid mentally is not a fan. It is TOUGH with the 10 reps to 10 sec hold repeated x3. By the third set my muscles are shaking and the already heavy weight I decided to ball out with is WAY heavier.


If you want to join my next Challenge Group starting THIS month and you want to do The Master’s Hammer & Chisel, click here. If you want to join the challenge, but would like a different workout, click here to fill out my fitness assessment and I’ll find the right program for you! Challenge groups are AWESOME because you’re automatically connected to ME as your personal Coach AND you get motivation, support, and accountability. Start the new year with a new you!

2016 Goals


It’s January 1st!

Maybe you’re up and at ’em at the crack of dawn like I am. Maybe your still asleep. Maybe you’re hugging the porcelain throne. Nonetheless, it’s a new year!

There’s lot of resolutioners out there. They say things just to say things – or maybe this year they maybe do mean them. A lot of people are going to say things over the next few days. Everyone is going to be gung-ho about gym time and rabbit food and doing things – yeah! ::insert fist to the sky here::


I prefer to set S.M.A.R.T. goals. Goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. That way instead of saying “I’m going to lose weight in 2016!” I will say “I’m going to lose 8% of my body fat by June 2016”. Do you see the difference? Technically if I lose a pound by January 2, I have obtained everything that resolution said I was going to do – lose weight in 2016.


By setting a goal with more details, I know what I need to do and when I need to do it by. I know if I lose 1.5% body fat each month, I’ll surpass my goal. Is that realistic? Absolutely! I didn’t say I was going to lose 8% in 1 month (which can actually be done, but its very strict and likely will not stay with you).

So now that you understand how I’m doing things this year, let’s proceed.

Fitness Goals:

set goal, make plan, work, stick to it, reach goal - a success concept presented with colorful sticky notes

  • Complete Augusta 70.3 in XXX time (I don’t make my time goals public, but just know I have a goal set in my mind and I will achieve it)
  • Complete a 10k in 60min or less (current PR of 1:06)
  • Complete a half marathon in 2:15 or less (current PR of 1:27)
  • Improve my cycling average to 17mph or better (currently officially (per my tomtom stats) 14mph due to me not biking fast in the beginning, just getting used to riding a bike again)
  • Improve my leisurely swim to 2:00/100yards (it’s currently 2:10/100yards)
  • Drop 15lbs and keep them off

Beachbody Goals:


  • Become a Diamond Coach
  • Help at least 30 awesome challengers
  • Attend FitClub at least twice a month

Financial Goals:

Money and plant. Hand holding euro coin.

Money and plant. Hand holding euro coin.

  • Pay off at least 2 student loans
  • Double the amount in my savings account
  • Pay off medical bills
  • Pay off both (Danny’s and mine) credit card debt


Let me know what your goals are, I want to hear them! Let’s keep each other accountable!