Louisiana Quarter & Half Marathon Weekend

I’m slacking on my race report!!

So here it is, forever and a day late. I arrived in Baton Rouge Friday evening. Thankfully my fabulous friend was working the expo and picked up all my race paraphernalia for me because I was NOT making it in town before the expo shut down. (Technically I did make it to the hotel, but I would not have made it by closing walking from the hotel to the expo).

Dinner with friends was at an Italian place within walking distance and the name has escaped me. But seriously?! Italian when we know I’m doing the keto diet?! It’s ok though, I can’t force everyone to go keto friendly places. I have to learn to make adjustments. I had an ahi tuna salad – delicious!!

Quarter Marathon Day

So yes, I chose to run not 1 but 2 races this weekend. Mainly because I’m marathon training and I needed a 20 mile run so I ran 2 races. The Louisiana Marathon weekend has so many races – 5k and Quarter marathon on Saturday and the half and full marathons on Sunday. I chose the Quarter for Saturday and the Half for Sunday.

I felt good going into the race – slept well, ate fine, hydrated and salted (you need a little more salt
and electrolytes on a very low carb diet). The race starts and I feel ok. It’s a little more humid and warmer than I would like but nothing I haven’t experienced before. Around mile 3 I felt some tightness in my left quad and my legs slowly started to feel really heavy. This was my first attempt at running a race keto-conditioned so I didn’t take any gels or carbs before or during the race. With the pain and the knowledge that I had to run 13.1 miles the following morning, I slowed to my intervals and finished the race with not my best time, but a nice training pace. We had a lovely bridge at mile 1 and 5.5 in the race…that was fun and I suspected I would see it again on Saturday (spoiler, I was right). After the race I got to collect my BeachBayou medal for running a race in the MS Gulf Coast race weekend and the LA marathon weekend. Yay Bling!

I couldn’t tell if I bottomed out because I wasn’t in ketosis or if I felt bad due to the humidity and higher temperatures. Later in the day I went to the expo, scheduled a massage at a local place (seriously across the hotel parking lot – best hotel location ever!!) to get my leg worked on, started to feel nauseous and napped the evening away, took myself out of any ketosis I might be in by eating tortilla chips and an ice cream cookie sammich because I desperately needed calories and energy for the day.

Half Marathon Day!

Race starts at 7, I wake up at 545, leave my hotel room by 630. My best advice is get a room close to the start/finish, much less stress than waking early and driving/parking. I feel ok for this race because I’m going back to my running with chews. Bag check was too easy and I make my way into the corral. The race starts and off we go – I see a few of my Swim, Bike, Run, Mimosas folks as they pass me by. By mile 2.5 my leg is angry and I drop to my intervals (this was not going to be a fun race). I decide at that point to slow it down a notch, take it as a training race and just enjoy the scenery. The course was so beautiful! (with exception of that whole running through LSU’s campus, teehee! Actually it was pretty nice). The water stops were exciting – some themed – and much needed moral boost! I would run this course any day over the NOLA RocknRoll (yes I said it).

I continued with my intervals for the remainder of the race, somewhere around mile 8-9 two more SBRM marathon ladies caught up to me so it was nice to see familiar faces. Around mile 10/11 our cheer squad was right at the corner where I was able to steal some OJ and have a nice stroll. I ended up walking most of the last 3-4 miles due to the excruciating pain in my leg. Not a great finish for me by any means, but I finished. I immediately headed to the post race massage tent and got my legs worked on and ice on my leg. I had to tell the guy how to wrap my leg to get the ice to stay in place, Athletic Training habits never die!  I went to the festival and collected my goods, started to not feel well AGAIN so I decided to head back to the hotel to shower and nap since I had a 1pm check out time. 

Race Review

For my first time running this race, I can’t believe I haven’t run it sooner! It’s a fantastic expo, race course, and finish festival. There are so many options to run – even a kids race on Saturday to get the whole family involved.

Finish festival food is anything but ordinary which is good and bad. I seriously just wanted a cookie and a coke zero and most of the finish food was pretty rich or or too hot for the weather or heavy (even with the small portions).

The bling is great! Medal is a bottle opener. And living in the south this tray will come in handy at my parent’s next seafood boil.

Definitely add this to your race list! There are package deals for the MS Gulf Coast race weekend + the LA Marathon weekend. And each of those races have a 2 day challenge so you could walk away with a lot of bling in 2 weekends. A downfall of this race is that is a January race in the south – weather is completely unpredictable. It could be freezing, raining, hot and humid; Weather is complete gamble but that’s why we train right?!

Not really feeling this half marathon today

Happy to be done with the Quarter Marathon!

MS Gulf Coast Half Marathon – Race Report

This past weekend was the inaugural Mississippi Gulf Coast Running Fest – we’ll call it that because I didn’t run the marathon, only the half. There were quite a few options for running – a 5K event Saturday morning with a kids run that day as well. Sunday hosted the half and the full distances in a point-to-point race ending in the Biloxi Shuckers Stadium.

This race was brought to us from the great folks from the Louisiana Marathon Weekend in Baton Rouge every January. By signing up for both events, one would receive a bonus medal – the Beach to Bayou medal. I mean, who doesn’t love extra bling?!

The expo was great. Only downfall was having to pay $5 (cash) for parking at the coliseum. A lot of people complained about that, but honestly there are very few expos that I’ve attended where you didn’t have to pay to park – either by event parking or paying a meter on a street. The official race merch was pretty sweet, I bought myself an etched wine glass. I was able to sign up for the Louisiana Half Marathon at the expo, so that was pretty cool as well. The race shirts are that soft cotton blend that we’ve all grown to love.

Race morning was smooth sailing. Due to the race being point-to-point, there were shuttles to get you to the start of each race. Half marathon shuttles were on the West side of the Coliseum and full marathon shuttles to the East. Shuttles started leaving at 4:45am and the last to leave was 6:10am for the half. Port-o-potties were at both shuttle locations as well as the start of each race

The full started at Henderson Point in Pass Christian. The half started from Jones Park in Gulfport. Highway 90 Eastbound was blocked off for a portion of the race and then later the left hand lane was open to eastbound traffic. Gear check was available at both starting lines. It was 37 degrees at the start so gear-check was a necessity. Water and powerade were both available at the starts as well.

About 20-15 minutes before race start an announcement was made to start peeling off your layers, check your bags, and get into position to cross on to hwy 90 (at that point we were in a grassy lot out of traffic). At 6:50am the National Anthem was played. At 6:55am Ainsley’s Angels started their race. At 7am we started to a gun start. No corrals were set up, but pace groups were available and you seeding yourself accordingly.

The race is 26.2 (13.1) miles of running along the beach, be prepared. There weren’t any bands or many spectators along the route. The water stops were about  every 1-1.5 miles with water and powerade, a few had honey stinger gels. The volunteers were great, definitely could have used a few more of them at some aid stations. But I was able to get a beverage quickly at each station and never informed they were out of anything. The route is flat and fast (we had minimal headwind most of the time, some stretches were most noticeable than others) – definitely think PR for this course.

Towards the end of the race, we turned up White Ave to run along Irish Hill to Howard Ave (due to high traffic from the interstate entrance/exit). That tiny hill was KILLER!! It was n
ice to get more spectators along Howard to help for that last mile. The end of the race is in the stadium, along the warning track, ending just short the first base line. Absolutely a great finish.

Post race party was awesome! Most everything you needed was clearly labeled – Medical, results, beer, merchandise (because we all bring our credit cards to races, right?!). They only thing NOT clearly labeled was where to pick up your checked gear. After I wandered around looking for it, I heard an announcement telling you where to go for it – they must have been getting that question a lot. You did have to walk up the stairs, go out of the stadium and down more stairs to get your bag, then back up stairs and down to the field. The stadium bathrooms were open so that was a nice bonus. I was able to change into compression pants, a clean shirt, and my jacket.

The food was AWESOME, although the lines were a little slow moving. Pulled pork sandwiches, tuna dip, gumbo, pasta salad, chicken wings and a TACO TRUCK! Coors products and Redd’s Apple Ale were beers available at the finish party. And for the non-drinkers Coca Cola products and Core Power recovery drinks were on hand. There was a band for live music. And the entire field was available for you to lay out and recover on. Shuttles were available to bring you back to your car at the coliseum until 2:30pm.

I had a great time at the event. Looking forward to keeping this in my regular race rotation – as long as it stays the second weekend in December and doesn’t migrate to the first weekend as that is St Jude Marathon weekend – race directors please read this and stick the second weekend 🙂 I’m looking forward to my first go at the Louisiana Half in January and earning my Beach to Bayou bling!!


Spartan Texas Beast

This is my redemption race. After DNFing the Vermont Beast, I needed a come back. I gathered some of my awesome friends and we set off on an epic road trip adventure. The 10+ hour drive wasn’t terrible, except for all the traffic wrecks. Our road trip conversations are always…um..what happens in the car, stays in the car. We rolled into town and found the spicy Hollywood & Vine to get some grub. Apparently, most of the other spartans thought the same place for dinner. I can’t complain, my burger was pretty yummy and the fried pickles were thick cut.

Instead of booking a hotel in Glen Rose, I used airbnb and rented an entire house. Even though we never saw our host, she was amazing! She left us a stocked kitchen with water and gatorades in the fridge. Aaron and Bryan shared a room, Sylvia and I shared the master, and Doug got the upstairs loft to himself. We spent the remainder of our evening settling in, getting our gear ready, and socializing.

Saturday was race day! I must note, Bryan made us an EPIC race day breakfast =) We were racing in the volunteer heat at 0845. Texas Bestie Tacos

I took my CFS picture at 0815 and spent some time trying to find Amanda. If you don’t know who she is, you should check her out! I’m honored to call Amanda a friend of mine, she is truly an inspiration to all. I found her right before our heat, gave her and Todd hugs and wished them the best. Later that evening, Amanda also earned her Trifecta in Texas =)

At 0845 we take off! Doug was going for speed…a faster speed than mine so he left us. Bryan and I were sticking together and Sylvia and Aaron were sticking together – we were all four going to try to stay together as long as possible. We caught up to Sylvia at the first obstacle – stupid. Burpeed that one because logs 2 and 3 were way too far away. We then began a series of up the hill, down the hill – seriously. As soon as you got up, you were right back down, and then right back up. SO annoying. Also there was snow on the tops of the hills. It was epic to be running in snow in shorts. Unfortunately we ending up losing Sylvia/Aaron at the pancake carry =/

Texas Beast Snow

I’m going to admit it, I suck at trail running – running in general, as well – but trail running and elevation get me. Luckily, I have a super fast walk and I love running suicide pace on the downhills. There was a lot of wide open trail running on this course. Since we were in the early heat, there was also a lot of blazing the trail through the brush and cactus. At the over/under walls, someone conveniently placed an under wall over a cactus plant – brilliant! Thanks to the volunteer who let everyone know not to roll over it, she was a lifesaver. I still have a piece of cactus stuck in my hand…minor details.

There were a few spots on the path where we – and a couple dozen others – got turned around, but it was roughly less than 200 yards. The water obstacles were kept to a minimum due to the chilly temperatures. Instead of swimming across the pond, they had us walk thigh deep around the edge of it. It was still bone chilling cold. A lot of the guys came out cramping, apparently females handle cold better as I didn’t see any women cramping throughout the race. I admit, I burpeed out of the traverse because I didn’t want to risk falling and submerging my entire body in cold water and possible hypothermia.

The rest of the race was pretty standard issue Spartan Race…we did have not one, but TWO bucket carries. Eff a bunch of that noise, but I actually passed a lot of people on the second carry so I still had some strength in me. There were also two barbed wire crawls. Neither of which were extremely muddy = awesome.

Texas Beast BarbZone

Bryan and I finished the Beast in a hair over 5 hours, not my goal time but it wasn’t a DNF. I’m not as proud of myself as everyone else is of me just because I know I can do better. Open Class points-wise, I’m ranked 29th overall, 9th for Females, and 1st in my age group (30-34). Hopefully by the end of February, I’ll be in the top 10 overall.

Bestie Trifecta

My vote for the Texas Beast: totally do it!

– Pros: Great location, plenty of close parking, race layout was fantastic, heated changing tents(!), trifecta medals were handled the best I’ve seen yet – I was able to walk away with my medal AND my shirt.

-Cons: weather is cray (not that it can be fixed), location is out in the middle of Texas so be prepared for a bit of drive (~1.5 hours from Dallas), parking $10 – also they now take your volunteer pass EACH day, be advised.

Totally NOT race related, unless you consider it refueling…we stopped at Sprinkles in Dallas. We played with the cupcake ATM, whispered secret phrases for free cupcakes, and got high off sugar. Enjoy!


St Jude Half Marathon

My intention was to be writing this post after an amazing weekend in Memphis and completing my 13th half marathon. Instead, all I get to write about is an amazing weekend in Memphis. For the first time in it’s history, St. Jude canceled the race weekend due to weather.

I started my journey north a day early (Thursday) to beat the epic ice storm that was predicted to roll in Friday. Stopped in Jackson, MS to lunch at one of my favorite places Broad Street Bakery & Cafe. This allowed me to attend the Grizzlies game that evening. I had never been to a Grizzlies game and we lost to the Clippers, boo! Friday I got to sleep in (score!) and enjoy a lazing morning. Lunch was some carb loading at Brookhaven with some local Wiseacre brew and I totally did not get a picture of any food & drink.

Friday night was set to be amazing! We started off with beers at Wiseacre Brewing. I had the Gotta Get Up to Get Down: Coffee Milk Stout. It tastes so much like coffee that Annie and I wanted to drink it with breakfast. While we were enjoying our beers, word was posted about our race. There had been updates all day into the evening: race still going strong, now we’ll have heated buses at every mile marker, etc. The 6:30pm update was the worst – St Jude Memphis Marathon was canceled. We were mad and upset…and honestly, a little excited we didn’t have to get up super early to go freeze our butts off during a run. So we decided to make the most of it and enjoy our brews and then head to dinner.

Dinner was at Hog & Hominy which isn’t anything spectacular from the outside, but inside reminds me a lot of Root. Not the eco-friendliness of Root, but the small space and tables, the openness to the kitchen area, and the menu style. We had some fantastic food and drinks. When I go to fun little places like this, I like to order small plates so I can experience all the courses available. I started with a Pumpkin Daisy for my cocktail. We got the Buffalo Pork Tails to share for our appetizer. Never having pork tails before, I was in for a treat. Basically, they were a lot like buffalo wings, but a little fattier and smaller bones. Next up I got the jalepeno-cilantro Sweetbreads. This was my first time to eat sweetbreads as well and I thought they were delicious. Last course was dessert and I settled for the Bourbon Pecan Curd Pie. Goat cheese on a pecan pie made me leery, but I’ve had some amazing combinations at Root so I went for it. The goat cheese ended up being just barely sweetened and complimented the sweetness of the pecan pie well. Foodie Heaven!

Saturday morning since the race we canceled, Annie took me to her gym, Fitness Revolution, which was offering a free class for all the displaced marathoners. There I met Dexter who decided that kicking my CrossFit ass was his goal for the session. Awesome. I will say, it was nice to have someone checking my form and making some corrections. We can get a little lax as coaches and instructors so it’s always nice to get some pointers. The class was about an hour of tabata training at different stations. WAY different from my CrossFit so it was humbling to be out of breath at times. Great class, definitely check it out if you’re in the Memphis area.

We decided that we need to pound the pavement for a few miles in honor of the race. We grabbed Katie and headed for the Greenline to get in a nice 5 mile run. A lot of displaced marathoners were out on the trail, bib numbers and all! There was even word that some runners took to the marathon course and ran it unofficially. You can’t stop us crazy runners. The path was a super pretty run down to Shelby Farms and back, everything was nice and iced over so it was winter wonderland run of sorts.

Saturday evening was a Tacky Christmas Sweater bar crawl with the Memphis chapter of Girls Pint Out. I am completely blanking on all the locations we traveled to, but it was a great night out with some fellow beer drinking women! I also got to catch up with my girl, Mads who recently moved to Memphis. Good times all around.

All in all, the weekend didn’t go as planned but I understand the cancelation of the race. Volunteers were canceling, emergency services were being used elsewhere in the city – restoring power, removing trees that had fallen from heavy ice, and there was a great chance for a lot of hypothermic people. SJMM did offer a transfer to one of 3 races, a full refund, or we could donate our entry fee to St Jude.

  • Tacky Sweater Bar Crawl Tacky Sweater Bar Crawl
  • Memphis Run Memphis Run
  • Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland
  • Ice apocalypse 2013 Ice apocalypse 2013
  • Drink Local Drink Local
  • Rewarming Fuel! Rewarming Fuel!
  • Bourbon Pecan Curd Pie Bourbon Pecan Curd Pie
  • Red Eye Pizza Red Eye Pizza
  •  Jalepeno-Cilantro Vinaigrette Sweetbreads Jalepeno-Cilantro Vinaigrette Sweetbreads
  • Buffalo Pigtails Buffalo Pigtails
  • Pumpkin Daisy Pumpkin Daisy
  • Wiseacre Brewing Co Wiseacre Brewing Co
  • Grizzlies vs Clippers Grizzlies vs Clippers
  • Turkey & Cheddar Quiche Turkey & Cheddar Quiche

Superhero Scramble

Back on November 16th a group of us traveled to Waldo (read: Gainesville) Florida to run in the Superhero Scramble (SHS). This was my first race of this series and I only slightly knew what to expect.

We started off running a mile of serpentine running. I friggin hated that. I get it though, trying to get the most mileage in a small space. But then they did it again on the back half of the course – ahhhhh!!!! After running a few Spartans and Warrior Dashes, I knew what to expect from SHS…for the most part. SHS has obstacles more like Tough Mudder – 15′ jumps into water, a huge slick wall to climb, a huge slide, etc. It also had a lot of height to obstacles, most of which I just barreled up without even thinking about how high I was until I had to make my way down.

We ran the 10am day race and then we ran again for the 6pm night race. The night time was nice, no volunteers along course (not sure had the legalese of that works) with exception of the massive slick wall. I give big props to those brutes. Sorry day volunteers (slick wall only) but you guys pale in comparison to the night guys. I failed the wall during the day – upper body was tired, by baregrips suck at slick surfaces, and the volunteers just didn’t seem to care if you made it up or not. The night race..those guys made sure you got up the wall. I ended up dinging up my arm pretty bad at the very top of that wall, but I’ll take that over plummeting down 20′ to a potential greater injury.

My only other injury came I’m pure epic form. I was walking across the balance beam and I lost balance. I managed to grab hold of the beam as I was falling and continued to cross the over hanging upside down. My bruise is just now going away from that.

Some of the pros/cons of the logistics of the event weekend:
– packet pick up the Friday night before was a CLUSTER. Not sure what happened there or if that was the way it was intended but man was that a headache
– Skipping the check-in tents at the race was really nice though
– Everything was easy to find at the venue…although port-o-potties were out of paper super quick in the day
– Post race awards and entertainment were great
– results were easy to check
– LOVED the food trucks, great way to support small businesses
– Super stoked about my glow in the dark medal from the night race
– Medic support were super nice and helpful…even if I did only need an icepack

My vote: Thumbs up! Definitely do this race if there’s one coming to your area, or travel to get to it.

  • Spinning photobomb Spinning photobomb
  • Fire jumping Fire jumping
  • Rings Rings
  • The 3 Best Friends The 3 Best Friends
  • Official Start Official Start
  • Slide Slide
  • Come at me, bro Come at me, bro
  • Big Slide Big Slide
  • Epic Beard Epic Beard
  • Upside Down Upside Down
  • Sandbags Sandbags
  • Eating Ropes Eating Ropes
  • My Grrrr Face My Grrrr Face

Miller Park

Better late to post than never! I ran my first Spartan Stadium Sprint on November 2nd at Miller Park in Milwaukee, WI. It was also my first time to ever be in Milwaukee..I didn’t do much sight seeing but the area I stayed in reminded me a lot of Nashville’s downtown.

Friday was a lost cause due to a delayed flight – UGH. Hotel restaurant dinner and bed time for me.

Saturday was race day! Early to the stadium to take the official Corn Fed Spartan photo at 0730 since we had some elite racers in the mix. It. Was. Chilly. Miller Park has a retractable dome – which was closed – but it also has side panels…those were open. For my running attire, I opted for a long sleeve UA top, UA shorts, calf sleeves and my 195 inov-8s. The entire 400 person CFS team had start times between 0830 and 0945 – mine was 0930. Rob had decided he was going to stick with me for the race to help me out and push me when I needed it. Turns out I needed it a lot.

The main difference between a stadium and a normal sprint start is that with the stadium you run out in groups of 15 instead of a mass of 200. The cool thing about the stadium is that there’s no mud or water so you don’t have to worry about getting dirty or freezing or having to change out of grungy clothes post-race. Lastly, there’s a lot more CrossFit-type obstacles than the outdoor sprints.

Back to the start. We take off running and I immediately feel weird, great. My leg was slow to warm up and I had a weird feeling in my chest. We’re running up the ramp and I’m coughing. First straightaway I find a trash can and spit out some of the junk I’m coughing up. WTF. Our pace has to slow because I’m coughing, but I can do a slow jog/fast walk pretty easy and Rob’s ok with that. We hit the upper deck and weave up and down the rows and aisles with me setting the pace. I’m super glad I did some weighted stadium carries prior to this race.

The obstacles weren’t too strenuous. I did the guys’ weight for the slam ball (25lbs instead of 15)..the volunteer tried to get me to stop but there weren’t any 15’s available and the 25 was pretty easy so I continued my slams. The 500m row on the Concept2 Rower gave me a fit…I thought I was going to puke. The typical spartan obstacles were easy – walls, monkey bars, spear, T-Wall, Hoist, atlas carry. The CrossFit obstacles were easy things like HR push-ups, fat rope jump ropes, slam balls, box jumps, farmer’s carry with water jugs. The most annoying obstacle was the Hobie Hop only because every time I hopped, snot came pouring out of my nose. I ended up just stretching the band and walking up the stairs.

We finished happy and unbroken in 1:02. We were aiming for under an hour but for my first stadium I was stoked for the time. Rob also got a pretty sweet video out of the deal of him doing a legless rope climb thanks to me. Most importantly, I got to finish my first stadium race with one of my most amazing friends by my side pushing me to do my best the entire race, finishing side by side.

My review of the event logistics:
– the biggest negative, NO BEER. Not only no beer, but no one ever said there wasn’t going to be beer and NONE of the stadium staff had a clue
– As per usual, $5 for bag check but you get $5 in mercy once you get your bag bag. Downfall with that is some of the cooler stuff sells out before you get your $5…
– Parking was FREE, always nice

My grade: Definitely do it! It’s definitely a different Spartan experience and you should do it!

  • MP3 MP3
  • MP1 MP1
  • MP2 MP2
  • MP5 MP5
  • MP6 MP6
  • MP7 MP7
  • MP8 MP8

Why I DNF’d

I went to Vermont with the intent of completing a Spartan Beast on Saturday and volunteering for the UltraBeast shift all day on Sunday….

I ended up DNFing somewhere around mile 5-6.

A few things went into this, so I’ll just bullet point the lessons I want to pass on:

  • Don’t drink heavily the night before a big race. Even if you don’t get to the point of puking, you still dehydrate yourself enough that you just can’t make that up in the few hours before a race.
  • Race with yourself or with someone you like/tolerate enough to get you through the race
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Know you limits
  • Know when to push yourself and when you need to rest
  • Have the strength to admit defeat and call it quits before you seriously injure yourself.

Am I made that I didn’t finish? Absolutely! Have I made peace with myself for making that decision? Definitely! Will I come back stronger and kick the ULTRA-Beast’s ass next year? You bet your ass I will.

VA Super Spartan Weekend

I don’t want to be cheesy and say that the VA Super Spartan changed my life, but it definitely had a huge impact on my way of thinking. My original plans were to complete this race with my ex bf, but he changed that by dumping me 2 weeks before hand. I was crushed….about losing a ton of money and not running this race. Then the fantastic Sylvia offered to come with me. Then momma Amy was looking for people to carpool with to VA. Then the plans starting working and we were for sure going to VA to race in the Super Spartan. This ended up being the best race weekend I’ve ever experienced.
Saturday – Race day for some, a day on the course for all!
Most everyone woke at 0500 to get ready for the day. Bacon was made and all were happy. Sylvia and I were Course Marshals for the day so we had to be at the volunteer tent by 0630. We ended up being assigned to the TWall for the day – the last obstacle on the course with a burpee penalty (technically the slippery wall was, but seriously who fails that??). Being a Course Marshal for the entire day allowed me to witness all the elites finish, all the average joes finish, and all the insipiring and motivational people in between – OEW and Sheep Dog Impact to name a few. We got to see our new volunteer friends finish and our new Spartan family members finish too. The downside to being a Course Marshal – we were on the course ALL DAY. The sun set and it got cold, racers were getting few and far between, burpee penalties were being reduced, we were ready to go!
Sunday – Our race day!
The course was by far the toughest thing I’ve ever done. Less than half a mile in, we started our first climb. I realized my 5 fingers were going to inadequate for this race. There was zero grip to be had and the downhills were a real challenge. We continued up and down the mountain for roughly 7 hours. Throughout the course the obstacles were easy peasy. I even completed the guy’s herculean hoist just for giggles.
For me, the challenge was the mountain. All those climbs were too much for me. I had to go slow and steady and I really felt like I held up our little group. I felt completely lame.
In the end, I finished. I was proud of myself. I was proud that I went on this trip and completed the Super. I realized that had I attempted the trip with my ex, we probably would have DNFd. I realized that I can challenge myself. I realized that I can find someone equally as challenging and motivating for me.
So this race wasn’t just about the mountain, it was a nice journey to self discovery. It helped me cope, it helped me grow, and it helped give me the confidence to sign up for the VT Beast….a week from today.
So get out there and challenge yourself. FInd people who support you and love you and challenge you to move outside your comfort zone.

EPIC Fight Against Cancer

One of my fantabulous friends and I have decided to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon AND 10k to obtain the Glass Slipper Challenge medal…AND we’re doing it all for charity!! That’s right, I’m signing up with Team in Training for my fourth time to raise money for the fight again blood cancers!

Our big fundraiser event will be partnered with our great running group – Icy Pint Athletics. We will be hosting a 5K and 10K fundraiser event in September.

epic-logo-300x273You can sign up here! And if you can’t make the race that day or racing isn’t your thing – we’re also accepting donations here. We also have sponsorship opportunities available if you’d like to help in that way.

Fun in the Sun 5K

My runners are graduating! I’ve had a fantastic teaching my first running class out of TRI HARD SPORTS. These ladies have busted their butts doing everything I ask with great attitudes along the way! We’ve worked on speed, form, core, and now we’ll be putting it all together in a race! Please join us for the first annual Fun in the Sun 5K in Ocean Springs, MS on Saturday July 20th.

Registered here now! Or print the registration here -> FunintheSun and bring it to the store to sign up!