Cheers to 2017!

I for one am looking forward to 2017! I have lots of great races planned with my fraaaands. I have a marathon to run with my better half in just a few short weeks. I need to do a little personal development and be a better person inside and out. And of course I have financial goals to reach as well.

That’s right, goals not resolutions. Resolutions are vague “eat healthy” “lose weight” “be better than I was last year”. What the HELL do any of those mean!?

I have goals!!!

  • 5K time to 29 minutes or less
  • Half marathon time to 2h15m or less
  • 70.3 – sub 6h30m
  • %BF from 28 to 20%
  • Stick to the ketogenic diet
  • Read 20 personal development books this year
  • Credit Card/PayPal Credit down to $0

In order to stay on task, I’m going to keep these goals posted where I can see them.  To remind myself that my goals are bigger than any instant gratification. Great success takes great sacrifice and that is what my 2017 will be about. Don’t think I’m going to be living like a hermit, I will enjoy my life, family, and friends. But keeping on track is my main concern.

What are YOUR goals for 2017?!

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