Just wanted to give a brief recap of my Christmas. We had to do Christmas multiple places with different sides of family – and actually it’s still going on.

The 23rd Danny and I did our Christmas with the pups. I got my much needed Wreck Bag (which I put to used during our workout the next day). And I got a pair of boots I asked for. Danny got bluetooth headphones, running shoes, and a sweet Bulova Marine Star watch. (I’m an awesome girlfriend, I know). The boys got antlers and some rawhides. Simpson loves unwrapping presents.


Christmas Eve was spent at Danny’s mom’s house. We got her a vacuum (it’s what she asked for) and I’ve never seen someone so excited to vacuum! Except for me when I got the exact same vacuum for Christmas last year. =)

Christmas Day both Danny and I had to work. He was on 24 but I got to leave once I was done with work. Luckily I had an easy day. Christmas Day doesn’t give you an excuse to be lazy! I got my workout in (along with some lazy time).


The day after Christmas we woke up, did our workout, dropped off the pups, and headed to my parents. Christmas dinner there was awesome! Surf and turf – steak and lobsters. We gave my parents this gift of hard work so Sunday was spent painting a new shelf for my dad’s pole barn. We were exhausted from that work, so we put off Sunday’s Hammer & Chisel workout that evening.

How did you spend you Christmas holiday?? Was the laze strong? Did you workout? Did you travel across the lands?? Let me know!

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