Colonoscopy for Christmas?

Soo…Today I start prepping for my colonoscopy Friday. Yes that’s right, it’s Wednesday and I have to start my prep tonight.

Oh but Kim, you’re only 34 why are you getting a colonoscopy. Funny you ask…

So a few months ago I was feeling really shitty from Ironman training. Like workout, work, come home and sleep until the next morning. On days that I had enough energy, I would do my afternoon workout. I decided to go see a doctor to find out why I was so tired. Come to find out, my iron level is drastically low. No one wanted to say critical, but I got the words drastically and impressively low.

Now I’m on iron pills. Now I get my blood drawn every month (seems a little counterproductive if we’re trying to KEEP iron in my blood but I’m not the doctor here). Well, I haven’t had any blood loss injuries and my cycle isn’t a river so the next thing to check is the GI tract.

We’re doing a colonoscopy to rule out:

  • Cancer
  • Celiac
  • Ulcers

Once we rule those out, I then earn the diagnosis of Idiopathic Iron Deficiency Anemia and I have to do iron supplementation for the rest of my life. Basically “we don’t know why you’re deficient, but you are so take pills – yay”.

Back to the Prep

So yeah, I have to drink some stuff Wednesday night to get the party started. Thursday is all clear liquids – no red, purple, or blue colors – ALL day. I thought it was just the afternoon, I was wrong, I’m going to starve. So all clears until 2pm where I start taking pills and drinking the prep. I’ll spare details. Then Friday is my big day!

So I’m nervous and ready to get this over with, but I’ve got a lot of great resources I’ve been chatting with to prep me for my big day. Hopefully it’s my last for a loooooong time!

One thought on “Colonoscopy for Christmas?

  1. I have to do a colonoscopy every year and a half or so. Several year back, I spent three days in the hospital from passing blood. I ended up being about 2 quarts low on blood. I was originally told I had colon cancer, (which is quite scary to have a doctor tell you) but ended up being Crohns disease. Now I take 10.5 pills a day to keep it under control. The prep sucks, but you get used to it.

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