Date Night

Sometimes you just have to take a break from training. Life is about balance. If you train all the time and never have time for socialization, you become a wild animal that cannot play nice with others. If you socialize all the time, you become soft and cannot keep up with your active friends. Even with training for an ironman, you need to take time for yourself and those closest to you.

We had a much needed date night this weekend. I’m talking nice clothes and makeup (for me, Danny just did the nice clothes part). We headed out to Restaurant IRON which is one of my favorite swanky places to dine. We had some amazing food – as always. Salivate on these!


Compressed Watermelon with basil pearls


Kraken Stormy


Sweetbreads and Andouille Sausage and Biscuits


Cast Iron Seared Dry Pack Jumbo Atlantic Scallops


Southern Fried Grouper Goujonettes


Icebox Nutella Pie

And the palate cleanser, a sophisticated sour patch kid square. IMG_5204

We followed up our dinner with a walk down Palafox on Gallery Night. I’ve learned that Gallery Night in IMG_5205Pensacola means more of “yay we get to drink in the street” than check out some art. We ended up at the Old Hickory Whiskey Bar which is one of our favorite bars. It’s usually low-key and they have some amazing creations. The Old Fashioned comes in a smoked rimmed glass – classy AND delicious.






We ended our night there, saw a unicorn pony on the way back to our car which definitely made the night A-MAZING.

Saturday was Date Day continued – yay! We decided to do some beach fishing. Mainly so Danny can fish and I can tan. Win-win right!? We decided to set out to Fort Pickens because Casino Beach is still a tourist nightmare.


Setting up the poles


Yep, this paradise is where we get to live.


Live bait! Bull minnows…oxymoron much?


I found a….sea slug? Someone identify this!!


What? You can have your healthy meal at the beach too?! Why yes you can!


I made it my mission to beach a jelly – and I DID! They were pretty big, they snagged my ankles while I was fishing.


We don’t do normal.

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