I want to share some awesomeness with you all! I recently discovered ENERGYbits (actually, I think they discovered me on twitter but who’s keeping track). These are amazing little chewable (not recommended unless you like really green tasting things), swallowable tabs that provide super clean fuel for you!

They are all natural 100% spirulina algae.

Whhaaa, did she just say algae? I sure did! These are NON-GMO(!!) natural, clean, raw energy without additives or flavorings or dyes. Can’t go wrong here…hello!!

The greatest thing about these bits is that they’re easy. My biggest issue running OCRs is that I cannot and do not want to sit and chew any kind of protein bar. Being on a Beast course for 4-5 hours, I need carbs AND protein. I was finishing these races completely depleted of energy. I’ve been using these for training runs and swims and I feel A-mazing! I can’t wait to use them in Tampa next month!


Ready to experience a new energy boost? Head over to ENERGYbits and use the code MudRunnerChick to save 25% on your bits today!

I’m proud to be an ambassador and the first OCR racer #PoweredByBits!!

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