Today is Day 5 of 21 Day Fix Extreme for me – wowzers!

I’ve decided to throw in some of the Countdown to Competition days in the mix. BUT – on the days I’m doing 2 workouts a day, I’ll be bumping up to a higher calorie range to accommodate the extra workout’s calorie expenditure.

I will also be incorporating some of the really simple recipes from the new cookbook Fixate by Autumn Calabrese – creator of 21 Day Fix!


I’ve been doing pretty decent with the portion sizes, I prepped a lot of food earlier in the week. I’m a little confused at the limiting veggies so I might be eating overflowing containers full of spinach and cucumbers. It’s definitely more veggies than I’m used to (bad dietitian, I know) but the veggies keep me full.

Only a few days in and I’m realizing how much I relied on processed foods like Clif Bars. I will admit I’ve eaten half a Complete Cookie because I needed a fix. I mean it’s all natural, 16gm of protein, vegan…I would call that a not-so-terrible cheat.

I will say I like the cleaner eating. I like knowing exactly what’s going in to my body. I like knowing that everything is fresh and hasn’t been sitting on a shelf forever. I’m not too thrilled about eating more veggies – for now – but I know I will learn to enjoy it.

You can buy your copy of Fixate AND the 21 Day Fix containers <<here>> OR

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