Flavored Waters

As I teach nutrition classes and new groups of runners about proper hydration and eliminating empty calories from sugar sweetened beverages. Then the room gets silent and there might be some stares as they marinate on the new information. Then the barrage of questions comes “I drink this, is it ok?” “what about this?” “how much of this is too much?” and then the inevitable “I cannot stand water, what can I drink instead?”

Excellent question, except there are a lot of things you can drink, you can probably drink a 5th of vodka but that’s not going to be beneficial in most arenas. So what should we be drinking?

Well, there’s water for one. I don’t buy the fancy bottled water ever. Even when I’m traveling, I carry a refillable aluminum bottle through airports. I grew up in a generation that played outside when we weren’t in school or eating dinner and we turned on the garden hose when we got thirsty. Now that I’m older, I’ve replaced the hose for the faucet and a Brita filter.

Human beings need water, hell we’re 70% water so it kinda more important than food.

“Water is boring” you say. “I hate the taste of water” you say. Excuse me? Water is supposed to be clear and flavorless. Now I understand some tap water is a bit off, per se, but come on! So I scratch my head and scour the internet for a new way for my clients to enjoy their hydration.

A quick google search brings to a wonderland of mason jars filled with water and pretty fruits…and the wheels are spinning.

My first attempt was just lemon water:Lemons
It ended up being a bit like weak lemonade. My method was to cut the ends off one whole lemon and toss those, the rest of the lemon was sliced into thin slices and the seeds were removed. I put a whole lemon in each jar, added some ice and then filled the rest of the jar with filtered water. I allowed the fruit to sit about 36 hours in the jar and then removed it. The now flavored water can be consumed in the following days, you just removed the fruit so it doesn’t get funky.

My next attempt was a lime only. It was WAY too tart, so be aware if you like lime you might not like it THAT much.

photo 2








My last attempt that I really enjoy is the lemon, cucumber, mint water.It has a really nice mellow flavor. I used about 6 mint leaves per jar for mine, but you can always adjust.

photo 3    Anyone else try to make their own flavored water? Have any favorites? Any failures? I want to know!

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