Fueling the Ironman in Training

All of the groceries and race prep are done! (I think)


I got all of the foods I want to eat for this upcoming week. I’ve been craving some fruit so I stocked up on watermelon and cantaloupe. I also got low fat vanilla yogurt, peanut butter, and light cool whip to make a dip for the fruit. Some shredded chicken to make chicken salad and a couple cucumbers to eat it with instead of crackers. I might splurge with a few everything pretzel crackers with it though. Sweet potatoes for veggies carbs during the week.

The bottled water will have some of the Performance Line Hydrate added to them and be taken on my bike so I can throw them away and exchange them for cold ones at water stops. The peanut butter crackers are for my actual food during the race and pre-race. My stomach doesn’t tolerate too much, so we eat simple things at races. Mini sunscreen and baby wipes are to keep on hand in my transition area.

Road snacks are important as well. We have a 6-7 hour drive to cover over Thursday and Friday. We don’t need to be living off of gas station rations. So I bought some organic white cheddar popcorn and sweet potato chips. Hopefully it will help with my salt intake before the race.

Rice cakes are my guilty pleasure. Slather a little peanut butter on them and they’re a great sweet snack to take the cravings off.

Other than that..I’ve just been relaxed. Did a little swimming Monday and today. Yesterday I went to Pensacola Fit Club and did a bit of 21 Day Fix Plyo. This evening I’ll be getting a massage to get loosened up before our road trip. Can’t be sitting in a car for too long all twisted. Compression pants will be worn during the ride and any walking around so that I’m not accumulating fluid in my lower extremities.

I think I’m ready. I’ve prepped. I’ve prepared. I’m mentally ready for the challenge. I’m not nervous or excited. I think I’m ready to check the completed box and move on.


PS – Today is my dad’s birthday so if you know him on Facebook or in real life – tell him to have a great one!!

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