Going Keto: Week 1

So, the whole point of a nutritional ketogenic diet is to get your body to eventually switch from using glucose as fuel to using fat as fuel. You have a lot of fat stored than glucose so once you make the switch, you have an (almost) endless supply of energy to use for activities. This means less gels, gu’s, whatever you “need” to get you through an endurance event. The goal is to have 30gm of NET carbs or less per day. To calculate your Net carbs you take Total grams of carbs – grams of fiber = net carbs.

For my first week I went with super easy foods – no casseroles where I had to guess carbs or anything like that.

Day 1 – not terrible, day time routine was pretty basic – shake for breakfast, eggs & sausage for mid-morning, decent lunch (protein + salad), and a protein & fat dinner. NET Carb intake: 38gm

Day 2 – Same song and dance. I will say (this is probably TMI but oh well) the protein farts were intense. Not anything painful GI-wise, but run for the hills stinky. The BF was NOT amused. NET Carb intake: 29gm

Day 3 – This diet really isn’t so bad! I’m great with routines and schedules so the planning is easy. Also I’m not as hungry throughout the day so I’m not scanning break rooms for treats. This avocado, cheese, and meat dish was one of my post-workout dinners for the week. NET Carb intake: 37gm

Day 4 – Day time, again too easy. This was my first little test. My dad came into town to help with some house items and we took him out for dinner afterwards. My first eating out adventure! We chose Longhorn’s and as you know, they bring out that delicious honey wheat bread. It smelled delicious and I so wanted a piece, but I passed. We got an appetizer – meat and cheese board – PERFECT!! And I was the weirdo in the restaurant on my phone plugging in the food in MyFitnessPal to see grams of carbs. My dinner was a a Cesar salad to start (dressing on the side, croutons given away to the BF) and steak and broccoli as my main course. NET Carb intake: 32gm

Day 5 – Work hours were easy again. I’m so glad I wasn’t doing this during Christmas when we had sooooo many goodies around the hospital. The BF worked all day so I was on my own for dinner. Another night of meat, cheese, avocado. I did make a side of hot chocolate – but none of that commercial stuff. Hot chocolate was: cocoa powder, heavy cream, almond milk, stevia – 2gm of carbs as opposed to 60gm of sugar in those commercial packages. See?! You CAN have delicious things, you just have to find healthier ways to make them. NET Carb intake: 26gm 

Day 6 – This is the BIG test. My bestie’s 30th birthday party. Luckily by this day I really don’t need to eat frequently. Woke up to coffee in bed brought to me by the BF. I think I ate a half of an avocado around noon? Then we headed to the party. I didn’t intend on drink, but peer pressure and carb allowance gave me 2 glasses of champagne (it was a mimosa bar, but I skipped the sugary OJ). Food was a taco bar, also easy. I opted for groups beef, cheese, guacamole. So many desserts!!! Cookies, cupcakes, and of course, cake. The BF got a tiny slice (and I mean tiny) and I had one bite. I made sure to LOG that one bite as well. NET Carb intake: 28gm

Day 7 – Last day of the first week! We got to sleep in so we enjoyed coffee until around 1030 then I batch cooked some eggs and sausage for the week (and our Sunday morning breakfast). We went grocery shopping to prepare for the upcoming week. And grabbed a late lunch while we were out – Salad, steak, and broccoli again 😀 We also ran later that afternoon and I didn’t feel fatigued during the run at all. Pretty sure I ate peanut butter for dinner… NET Carb intake: 26gm


  • I had to change up my shakeology concoctions. I went down to half a scoop due to the carb count. I also added heavy cream to my almond milk to get more calories and fat intake in the am.
  • I did have a headache around day 2/3, but I needed to increase my salt intake. Eating super basic and clean means you need to substitute salt into your diet – Thanks BASE!
  • I don’t feel like I bonked in any of my workouts during the week. I wasn’t lacking energy and my brain wasn’t foggy.
  • I wasn’t all that tempted around sugary foods

Can’t wait to keep up this awesome journey!!!

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