Hammer & Chisel week 3 review

It is week 3 and I’m still hanging in there! I have felt sore this entire time. Again, not like a death march or anything, but I can feel that I’ve been working out. I really loved last week’s incorporation of only lifts, agility (think fast feet), and total body movements.


IMG_6261Total Body Hammer – Monday

I had a shorter than usual swim this am due to the water being turned off to the showers. Coach let me know so I could get out each and head home since I normally shower and head to work. As for Hammer & Chisel – Another repeat. We finally brought our bench into our home gym. I got to use heavier weight on the bench presses – as well as for the other lifts. Now that we have a men’s bar, I can use that 45lbs bar for my “light to medium” weights.



IMG_6266Chisel Agility – Tuesday

Danny is getting SO much better at agility!! I know he originally hated it, and he still dislikes it. But he is improving. I like this workout because it’s fairly easy, but I dislike it because it’s kind of silly.

Rarity of rarities, he got in my accountability picture with me! He definitely looks better than me after a workout.

After my Hammer & Chisel workout, I headed to Pensacola Fit Club for the last workout of the year! What a great leg burner!! AND my person coach came up from Tampa to workout with us =) I really love my Fit Family that I have inherited from my Beachbody career path. It’s been less than a year but I already hold a special place in my heart for these people.




Max Hammer Strength – Wednesday

This is still on of my favorites because it’s pretty brutal. You do the move with no weight for 60 seconds. Then you grab some heavy weight and crank out 8 reps. I love heavy weight! But man, those 60 seconds can wear you out!


Off – Thursday

It’s New Years Eve and I had every intention of heading to the gym to spend some time with my favorite stairmill. Unfortunately my gym closed at 2pm and I got off work at 1:50pm. So rest day it is, unless I decide to wander out to the garage. The weather has been shit here so it’s an inside kind of day week.


Total Body Chisel – Friday

Seriously, this is 1 Autumn workout I lookout for. I love the bigger moves BUT I think I might have gone a little heavy this round. Now that we have our weight bench & bar I load that sucker up and go to town. I know going heavier makes me more sore, but it’s SO much more of a workout than those dinky 10lbs I was playing with prior to.

Hammer Plyometrics – Saturday Sunday

So Saturday I started the day with some awesome fellow coaches & new friends. We did a little less than 5 miles and took some footage for an awesome OCRTube video. It was a little muddy and a little chilly but fun none the less. I ended up tweaking my calf a little bit that morning in some loose sand so I held off on Plyo for the day.


Iso Strength Chisel – Sunday Monday

So I did my Plyo on Sunday and still felt a little off – couldn’t do the explosiveness. So I held off on this workout and doubled up on Monday. I’m not a fan of this workout – mainly because it’s hard. My new chiseled body is a fan of this workout, but my fat kid mentally is not a fan. It is TOUGH with the 10 reps to 10 sec hold repeated x3. By the third set my muscles are shaking and the already heavy weight I decided to ball out with is WAY heavier.


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