Hammer & Chisel – week 4 part 1

So I bet you came to this post looking for a week 4 review considering my week 4 was supposed to take place last week. Well, it didn’t. We attempted. We did Sunday and Monday and half of Tuesday. And then it pretty much fell off the wagon.

Life will grab you and jerk you around sometimes.

The weather changed. Work was stressful. My body felt like a ton of bricks and I was all around exhausted. I know my body. I know when to not push. I kept up my swimming though – 3 days a week. Pretty slow swimming, but swimming. Danny wasn’t feeling well either.

We listened to our bodies. We rested. We gained some weight.


Yep. I’m here to tell you it happens with coaches too. We attempted to make better food choices since we weren’t working out as much as we liked. I made some super healthy meatballs from the Fixate cookbook.



But we still have some making up to do.

So we decided to redo week 4. It happens. Life happens. You REBOOT and you come back.

The end.

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