Hurricane Party – part 2

So the storm of the century wasn’t that terrible for the continental US. I can continental because she completely shredded the Florida Keys. She also completely annihilated the island of Barbuda to where 90% of the building are gone. This only a mere week after hurricane Harvey flooded the gulf coast of Texas.

We’ve had quite a bit of weather lately. All following a full on solar eclipse. Freaky?! Absolutely.

For a while it looked like Irma might swing our way and I would be riding it out alone. But in the end the other half didn’t have to go away – yet. And we’ve returned to business as usual at the hospital.

I have managed to acquire a wicked sinus infection since leaving work Thursday. So I spent all of my time off sneezing, couching, and blowing my nose.

Nothing too exciting as far as hurricanes here in Pensacola, but that’s how we like it. It’s crazy to watch the rest of the country tell us what we should or shouldn’t be doing in regards to a hurricane. Now that social media is so everywhere, people across the country have opinions. No, hurricanes don’t follow the “projected path”. Meteorologists can’t 100% say exactly where a storm is going to go over 7 days. Yes, the 500 mile long and 130 mile wide state will need to evacuate well before a storm because it’s a friggin long ass state with only ONE direction to evacuate.

Fortunately for us, we live in what’s considered “lower Alabama”. We’re usually not even considered Florida.

So we went out on Sunday before the storm and checked out Pensacola Beach. I really wish I would have brought my suit as I would have loved to play in the waves! Literally my favorite.

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