I will punch the next person who asks me “how to get skinny?”

I hate the word “skinny” I also really hate the word “tone”.

You want to know how to get skinny – starve. Done.

Seriously, I get this question a lot. Thanks to Victoria’s Secret, we now have rail thin models prancing around in next to nothing blasted to us our every turn. The fashion show, the catalogs, the mall – don’t get me started on being an Angel VIP cardholder, you get an email at least once a week.

We have all of this telling us we need to look like these women, buy and wear expensive next to nothing underwear like these women, and be desired by men like these women. I, on the other hand, would like to be able to lift something heavier than a purse. I would like to be able to fend of an attacker if I ever find myself in that situation.

We need to stop this need/desire to be simply skinny. We need to embrace the ability to lift heavy things – as women! We need to come to terms with food for fuel and EAT food to grow muscles. No woman strives to look like Arnold…okay, there are some women who do. But most women just want avoid muffin tops, back boobs, general fluffiness, and whatever other cutesy names we come up for excess fat. We need to rid ourselves of the fluff!

So ladies, the next time the word skinny comes out of your mouth it better be at Smoothie King or ordering a latte and in reference to reducing your beverage’s sugar.

If you use it in reference to your desire to be it, drop and give me 10 burpees each time you say it.

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