Icy Pint Athletics

It’s Thursday and I want to take a minute to talk about an amazing group of people.

If you are anywhere near Ocean Springs, MS on a Thursday evening, I recommend you lace up your running shoes and come out to Ocean Springs Plaza for a 2 mile or 3 mile run. You will be welcomed by some of the most dedicated, fun-loving, inspiring people I know. We have Boston Marathon alum, new parents pushing strollers, Couch to 5Kers, and those of us with a love/hate relationship with running. By day we are teachers, bankers, designers, health care professionals, military personnel, mothers, fathers, you name it. But at night we are Icy Pinters.

It began a few months before I moved back to Biloxi, MS as a way for the founder to have fun and socialize while running. In less than a year, we now have anywhere from 60-100+ people joining us each Thursday evening. Don’t for a second think that we just run our miles and leave, oh no. We make an obstacle course of combined tables. We eat. We drink. We laugh – a lot.

We’ve formed teams for Warrior Dash, Superhero Scramble, and Spartan Race. We represent at every local race and when one of us places – which happens a lot – you will hear the IPA! IPA! IPA! chant echoing through the crowd. Even if you don’t place, you feel like you did being surround by the support we have for each other.

I love this group. We are a family.

I hope everyone has a group as fun and supportive as mine. If you don’t, I hope you get inspired to bring people together. Share links to your groups and help inspire others!

2 thoughts on “Icy Pint Athletics

  1. I am proud to be an IPA!!! I look forward to my Thursday evenings with great and encouraging people. I have been on a journey these last few years to better myself and this wonderful group has taken me under their wings and are pushing me in the right direction. I will be running the Warrior Dash, Superhero Scramble, the Spartan Race, and have ran many local races with them. You don’t have to be a good runner to join us (I am not) but come out and enjoy the time we spend together, the laughs, and the exercise. Who knows you could be like me………A RUNNER!

    GO IPA!

  2. I LOVE IPA! I can’t attend as often as I like, due to work scheduling, but everytime I’m there I am greeted as if I never missed a run. Great fellowship, great support, great friends! Love Thursday nights!!!!!

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