Insanity LIVE!

It’s been a few weeks, so I feel I can talk about it now – minus all the goober excitement.
Coach Summit 2016 – Nashville was my very first Beachbody Coach Summit. The only think I knew about it was what I had read from the agenda on the app, and what my team has told me about their experiences last year.
I signed up to get Insanity Live certified the day before Summit began. I figured getting it in a large group would keep attention off me and I would have to do much work. I ended up loving it!! The workout was brutal. Bruuuuuuutal. BRUTAL. Only because we were all giving it 150% to know what it’s like to go all out. We can’t ask a class to push it and not know what that feels like. It was my first time to do Insanity Live – I’ve only done Insanity and Insanity Max30 prior to the class. Brutal as it was, I LOVED it!
I love the blocks – they just flow. Kudos to Danielle for building that structure. I love the movements. They’re enough to push you, but not enough to kill you. The warm up changes each workouts, but the cool down is the same cool down from workout to workout. I cannot wait to teach it! I just need to learn it!
So why did I decide to get Insanity Live certified? As far as any of you know I’ve never wanted to teach group classes. I do want to get my CrossFit level 1 certification though – which is group exercise, right? See there. I actually like teaching. An introvert who likes teaching…mind blown yet? Here’s another one – my dad (also an introvert) doesn’t mind teaching either.
Teaching is easy per se. As an instructor/teacher YOU are in charge. YOU set the pace/tone/conversation. This is pure beauty to an introvert because of the problems with being an introvert come with the unknown. What is that person going to ask? How many people are going to the party? Will all eyes be on me as I fail to think of a proper answer?
So yes, I’m excited/nervous/ready to being teaching Insanity Live. Now who needs me to come teach some classes?!

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