Insanity Max 30


It’s time to be real. In June I decided to take the Insanity Max 30 Challenge. For 8 weeks I would have Shaun T “encouraging” me to push a second further.

I chose this routine for a few reasons:

  • It’s only 30 minutes (3 days a week it’s 40 minutes IF you chose to do the Ab routine also)
  • No equipment required
  • You just push play. Seriously. Put workout clothes on, push play, workout.
  • Shaun T is not too shabby to look at if I’m going to be sweating my butt off 30 minutes a day

The “goal” of Max30 is to push yourself each day to last longer in that workout than you did the last attempt. Now this doesn’t mean go crazy and sacrifice form for time. Shaun T will let you know – take a break when you feel your form slipping.

Photo Aug 01


My Results:                                                  Photo Aug 11

Weight: Down 3lbs

Waist: Down 3″

Hips: Down 1″

Chest: Down 0.5″

Arms: broke even

Thighs: down 0.5″ in each leg


I will say, I modified – a LOT. We live on the second floor and there was quite a bit of plyometric exercises. Out of kindness, I didn’t ground pound the apartment below us. I could see myself having better results if I went hard more aaannnndddd…follow a stricter diet.


  • Moves were easy to understand/do/modify if needed
  • Only 30-40 minutes a day
  • No equipment needed
  • Worked up a sweat in 30 MINUTES


  • I personally don’t have any cons. I know Danny didn’t find it appealing. He prefers to lift weights (I’m trying to get him to do Body Beast soon)


The first 4 weeks, I made excuses and just wanted to work on adding the Max30 routine into my triathlon training. The second 4 weeks, I actually ate better/cleaner and saw some better results. I lost a LOT of fluff from the abs. Still working on the lower half and the arms. It’s progress!!

If you’re interested in trying out Insanity Max 30, check out these links:

Next up is 21 Day Fix Extreme!

  • Photo Jul 10 Photo Jul 10 Friday Fight Night
  • Photo Jul 13-2 Photo Jul 13-2 "what is this man thinking?!"
  • Photo Jul 13 Photo Jul 13 I used Post-it's in my pictures to track my progress.
  • Photo Jul 16-3 Photo Jul 16-3 This is one of those "if I could reach through the TV and punch you, I would" moments.
  • Photo Jul 22 Photo Jul 22 Progress!
  • Photo Jul 23 Photo Jul 23 Starting to get some coordination with the complex moves
  • Photo Aug 03 Photo Aug 03 Aw yeah! Flex Friday
  • Photo Aug 06-2 Photo Aug 06-2 Improvements!


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