Keto Week 2

Soo….this new lifestyle hasn’t been extremely terrible. It’s a little frustrating finding hidden carbs in things or just giving up things because they are unnecessary. Here’s a recap of my week 2.

Day 8 – Back to work, which means back to routine. Shake, salad and protein for lunch, protein and fat for dinner. I do feel fuller on this diet. I don’t get cravings for random snacks throughout the day either. I batch cooked some chicken for meals the rest of the week. Net Carbs 27gm

Day 9 – Second verse, same as the first. Except we batch cooked some turkey meatloaf so we weren’t eating friggin chicken all week. Net Carbs 29gm

Day 10 – Literally the same as day 9. I’m ok eating the same things throughout the week. Although I did make a little peanut butter and coconut flour treat this evening. TMI for you all, but this week was shark week and I was really nervous about how stress, bloating, and cravings. I did go a little over my carbs today but it was totally worth it to only go over a smidgen rather than over by 100 (I might be regretting those words later) Net Carbs 35gm

Day 11 – Same as day 10 – including the peanut butter. UGH. I did swim this am so at least I burned some of the previous ones off. I haven’t felt much difference in my swim capacity. Well, that’s a lie. With the added CrossFit I am a bit more sore than usual and I can feel that in my swimming.  Net Carbs 34gm

Day 12 – Today is travel day to Baton Rouge for my races! (which is a whole other blog…) Breakfast, lunch and travel snacks were on point. For dinner my evil (just kidding) friends decided we should eat at an Italian restaurant. Literally a huge loaf of delicious smelling cheesy garlic bread sat in front of me. I didn’t partake in it, but I did enjoy a glass of merlot. Net Carbs 27gm

Day 13 – Oh Saturday, first race day. I attempted to do this race without gels or gu’s and I failed. I felt like crap, my legs were heavy. After the race I felt terrible. Showered, went to the expo, ate lunch, booked a massage. Enjoyed massage, came back to the hotel and tried to drink a little decaf coffee – promptly threw up. The rest of the story will be in another post, but let it be known I decided to pull myself out of and potential ketosis I might have been in to have a better half marathon race the next morning. Net Carbs 170gm

Day 14 – Race day again. This time I went with my chews, didn’t need too many of them. Had an eh race due to my left quad. Finished the race, opted for no food at the celebration, back to the hotel, shower, and nap. Felt good enough to drive home around noon. Traffic was terrible so I’m glad I had a shake made. Net Carbs 38gm


  • I need to work harder to keep my carbs UNDER 30gm/day. I’ve been pretty lax as opposed to strict.
  • I assumed I was in ketosis, but maybe I wasn’t? Not sure why I crashed so hard Saturday am. Especially since I’ve done well with all my other workouts.
  • I like how I feel on this diet. I’m not tired or starving.


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