Let Me Upgrade You

As I become a more serious triathlete, I needed to upgrade from a road bike to a tri bike. Tri bikes are typically lighter and built more for the rider being in aero position. Road bikes are built for a more upright ride, using all of your leg to pedal, but can be converted to ride in aero.



So after a good year of riding on my beautiful Big Blue, I set my sights on a tri bike. I am now a proud member of the Quintana Roo Family with the purchase of my 2015 Dulce! Don’t worry though, my Big Blue went to a great home and I will get to visit with her from time to time while I’m training with Angela for her first sprint tri! Yes, I don’t need to be a collector of bikes for road races, I sold it to Angela and I must say – they make a great looking pair!



Saturday The fabulous folks at Gulf Coast Cycle and Tri had me come in for my bike fitting. I knew bike fitting was important, but Patrick did a great job explaining the why behind everything we were doing.



We had me ride for about 5 minutes to get comfortable on the bike, after that it was time for adjustments!

First off was measuring the angle of my knee while seated, there’s a certain degree you want the knee to make while your leg is extended down.


You also want to line up your shoulder and toe a bit, this way you’re engaging more of your quads as opposed to using your entire leg to pedal.



After we made some adjustments to the saddle, then I got to hunker down into aero position to do some fun 12576287_10204159525986896_874947553_nmeasurements with angles. There’s so many things that Patrick was looking at –
angle of my body to my shoulder, my elbow angle, – everything! I forgot the exact numbers we wanted, but we got me into 99 degrees and he said that was great!

After we got the angles adjusted, all that was left was to adjust my aerobars to a place where I could comfortably switch gears – down with my thumb and up with about 2 fingers – not my entire hand.

That was all for this fitting. We did talk about my post height, I have some spacers in there to make my front post pretty high. Once I get comfortable at that position, we’ll start taking a spacer out at a time to get me lowered into a more aero position. It’s the typical triathlete riding position of ass in the air. As you can see, I’m nowhere near there yet. But give me about a year 😉


IF you live in Pensacola, come see the guys at Gulf Coast Cycle & Tri! Patrick, Brian, all the guys are great! They’re super knowledgeable and willing to work with you. They also help you understand the process and the reasoning to what the are doing in regard to a fitting. They also have all the swim gear you need!

On Saturday’s there are group rides – sometimes they become trainer rides when it’s super cold out. You can check them out on Facebook as well – GCCT to find out more details on their Saturday rides. Tell them I sent ya! And while you’re there, say hello to Humphrey – He’s the shop cat 😉



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