Louisiana Quarter & Half Marathon Weekend

I’m slacking on my race report!!

So here it is, forever and a day late. I arrived in Baton Rouge Friday evening. Thankfully my fabulous friend was working the expo and picked up all my race paraphernalia for me because I was NOT making it in town before the expo shut down. (Technically I did make it to the hotel, but I would not have made it by closing walking from the hotel to the expo).

Dinner with friends was at an Italian place within walking distance and the name has escaped me. But seriously?! Italian when we know I’m doing the keto diet?! It’s ok though, I can’t force everyone to go keto friendly places. I have to learn to make adjustments. I had an ahi tuna salad – delicious!!

Quarter Marathon Day

So yes, I chose to run not 1 but 2 races this weekend. Mainly because I’m marathon training and I needed a 20 mile run so I ran 2 races. The Louisiana Marathon weekend has so many races – 5k and Quarter marathon on Saturday and the half and full marathons on Sunday. I chose the Quarter for Saturday and the Half for Sunday.

I felt good going into the race – slept well, ate fine, hydrated and salted (you need a little more salt
and electrolytes on a very low carb diet). The race starts and I feel ok. It’s a little more humid and warmer than I would like but nothing I haven’t experienced before. Around mile 3 I felt some tightness in my left quad and my legs slowly started to feel really heavy. This was my first attempt at running a race keto-conditioned so I didn’t take any gels or carbs before or during the race. With the pain and the knowledge that I had to run 13.1 miles the following morning, I slowed to my intervals and finished the race with not my best time, but a nice training pace. We had a lovely bridge at mile 1 and 5.5 in the race…that was fun and I suspected I would see it again on Saturday (spoiler, I was right). After the race I got to collect my BeachBayou medal for running a race in the MS Gulf Coast race weekend and the LA marathon weekend. Yay Bling!

I couldn’t tell if I bottomed out because I wasn’t in ketosis or if I felt bad due to the humidity and higher temperatures. Later in the day I went to the expo, scheduled a massage at a local place (seriously across the hotel parking lot – best hotel location ever!!) to get my leg worked on, started to feel nauseous and napped the evening away, took myself out of any ketosis I might be in by eating tortilla chips and an ice cream cookie sammich because I desperately needed calories and energy for the day.

Half Marathon Day!

Race starts at 7, I wake up at 545, leave my hotel room by 630. My best advice is get a room close to the start/finish, much less stress than waking early and driving/parking. I feel ok for this race because I’m going back to my running with chews. Bag check was too easy and I make my way into the corral. The race starts and off we go – I see a few of my Swim, Bike, Run, Mimosas folks as they pass me by. By mile 2.5 my leg is angry and I drop to my intervals (this was not going to be a fun race). I decide at that point to slow it down a notch, take it as a training race and just enjoy the scenery. The course was so beautiful! (with exception of that whole running through LSU’s campus, teehee! Actually it was pretty nice). The water stops were exciting – some themed – and much needed moral boost! I would run this course any day over the NOLA RocknRoll (yes I said it).

I continued with my intervals for the remainder of the race, somewhere around mile 8-9 two more SBRM marathon ladies caught up to me so it was nice to see familiar faces. Around mile 10/11 our cheer squad was right at the corner where I was able to steal some OJ and have a nice stroll. I ended up walking most of the last 3-4 miles due to the excruciating pain in my leg. Not a great finish for me by any means, but I finished. I immediately headed to the post race massage tent and got my legs worked on and ice on my leg. I had to tell the guy how to wrap my leg to get the ice to stay in place, Athletic Training habits never die!  I went to the festival and collected my goods, started to not feel well AGAIN so I decided to head back to the hotel to shower and nap since I had a 1pm check out time. 

Race Review

For my first time running this race, I can’t believe I haven’t run it sooner! It’s a fantastic expo, race course, and finish festival. There are so many options to run – even a kids race on Saturday to get the whole family involved.

Finish festival food is anything but ordinary which is good and bad. I seriously just wanted a cookie and a coke zero and most of the finish food was pretty rich or or too hot for the weather or heavy (even with the small portions).

The bling is great! Medal is a bottle opener. And living in the south this tray will come in handy at my parent’s next seafood boil.

Definitely add this to your race list! There are package deals for the MS Gulf Coast race weekend + the LA Marathon weekend. And each of those races have a 2 day challenge so you could walk away with a lot of bling in 2 weekends. A downfall of this race is that is a January race in the south – weather is completely unpredictable. It could be freezing, raining, hot and humid; Weather is complete gamble but that’s why we train right?!

Not really feeling this half marathon today

Happy to be done with the Quarter Marathon!

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