Meal Prep – Part 2

So. Last week was not terrible. I followed my meal plan, ate what felt like a ton of food each day, and didn’t cheat. Technically. At one point – Wednesday I believe – I got a massive headache. Now mind you I took my sugar intake from 90-low 100’s down to ~50gm or less. My brain got ANGRY. So I added a few pieced of dried pineapple or 2 dates to my afternoon snack of almonds. I found that it makes my head happy and my belly gets a little sweet treat. It also cuts any cravings I have for something overly sweet.

IMG_7757So I stuck to my meals! On Wednesday I did eat baked chicken and sweet potato casserole from the cafeteria. A bit of a treat, but it didn’t seem to damage progress too much.

IMG_7773I also got healthy sushi without rice or sauce – insert surprised face here.

I lost a decent amount of weight this first week – 3.2lbs. Mostly water that I was retaining due to a higher carb diet.

We also cooked a healthy dinner – some tuna steaks that we made into tacos with zucchini and salad. Ended up being way too much food for me so I had some leftovers for the next day. IMG_7741

Week 2 has been going strong. I prepped most of this week’s meals Sunday evening. Danny got a friend to smoke 4 chickens for us so we have plenty of that. I’ve got chicken with sauced veggies and sweet potato and I’ve got chicken with quinoa and sauced veggies. Danny has some chicken breast with quinoa and carrots.


Let’s addressed the sauced veggies – because I know you’re over there judging me. Danny and I discussed this in the store the other day. We don’t want to be miserable eating. So if the sauce adds a few extra sugars or calories, it’s worth it to not be hating our lives. Now if we get to the point where we need to buckle down harder – the sauce will go. But for now, it will stay. But you know the best part about this – It’s OKAY. Yes you read that right, it’s ok. We aren’t trying to compete in fitness shows. We’re just trying to trim down our fluffiness. It’s a process and we’re aiming for progress NOT perfection.

IMG_7812We even went out to eat Sunday night at a place that we really could have done some damage to our diets, but we ordered Ahi Poke for an appetizer and salads.

To wrap up my report:

  1. Meal planning works!! Not just for knowing what you’re going to eat but also to keep you on track with portion control
  2. It’s not all that terrible. Small adjustments over time to get you eased into it
  3. You will see results!!!
  4. Excited to see what the new few weeks hold

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