Meal Prep!

So, let me be honest for a minute.

  1. I’m not too keen on eating healthy. I’m not fond of many veggies. I really love carbs and sweets. Yeah.
  2. I’m not really much of the cooking type. So meal planning is a struggle for me. I like simple recipes with barely any ingredients. Don’t ask me to whip out a mortar and pestle (Hello Fresh I’m talking to YOU!). I just want to cook food in 30 minutes or less – preferable less.

With that out of the way….

…I have become quite fluffy. Shut your mouth if you have anything to say about this. I am unhappy with my fluffiness whether you think I look amazing or not. I am ALWAYS striving for progress.

So I decided to finally pay attention to diet. And by that, I mean follow a diet pretty similar to bikini competitors. On that note, Sunday I went grocery shopping.


As you can see there are minimal carbs unless they are veggies or crappy white corn tortillas (bleh). And there are no fruits. I get like one fruit a day. Goodbye dried pineapple I so love. It’s literally meat, veggies, healthy fats. No dairy, minimal fruit, no processed grains. Lots of water. Don’t even mention a Twix! Blasphemy.

IMG_7728For my first magic act…I sautéed some zucchini to use for our dinners. I made some couscous (which literally takes less than 10 minutes; stupid easy). I pan-fried? some tofu. I question that because I sprayed the pan with coconut oil, threw in the slices, flipped occasionally. Then I plated it and topped it with salsa. On top of the couscous, there are either saucy brussels sprouts or saucy lima beans. Before you go judging my saucy-ness, I’m not about to throw out semi healthy food because it has sauce and my veggies are supposed to be naked. It’s a PROCESS people. So the saucy veggies went in so they could make space in my freezer for the boring things.

IMG_7729While I was plating all that mess. I had sweet potatoes and chicken thighs baking in the oven. So…I took chicken thighs (yes, thighs…I swear if you keep harping on my choices) and sprayed them with coconut oil and cracked lemon pepper on top of them. Squeezed all those thighs into a baking dish and threw it into the oven. Martha Stewart I am not (which is good because I look terrible in orange).

Baked sweet potatoes – poke holes with fork everywhere, wrap in aluminum foil, throw in oven, remove when fork tender. It’s not rocket science.


IMG_7730Lastly, all of that plated into my lovely meal prepping containers. And I added some devil broccoli, covered in cheese because that’s the best way for broccoli to be served so hush your mouth. And I divided up the chicken to get about a good 4-5oz serving per container. Will I ever switch to chicken boobs? Probably not, I hate those more than green veggies. So I might not reach 10% body fat, that’s probably for the best as I’m sure I would be pretty hangry.


If you are looking for these sweet-ass meal prep containers, find them here! They are from Fitpacker and they are awesome. Microwavable, dish washer safe. Pure awesome. And they have the divider so if you’re like me and don’t like things touching, this is the way to go!

So. I got all my meals prepped for most of the week. I’m supposed to drink a gallon of water and eat about 6 times a day – 7 if you count the evening post-workout protein shake. It hasn’t been terrible. My mid morning snack for this week is greek yogurt – only because again I have it and I need to get rid of it and I’m not throwing perfectly edible food away. Plus it’s semi-healthy.

IMG_7732Here’s what my fridge looks like with all my meals prepped! Everything is labeled so Danny doesn’t mistakenly attempt to eat my tofu and waste it. It’s kinda dark but you can see all my lovely containers. Also that chicken that’s still wrapped up? Chicken boobs for Danny to grill since he has no problem eating those horrid things.


Day 1 went well. I ate all my food – feels like a TON of food. I think this might not be so terrible. Ask me again once I’m eating non-saucy veggies and I’m on my umpteenth million salad.


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