My 3 Day Refresh Experience


I decided that my piss poor diet and lackluster exercise regimen needed a kick start before the new year (and the new Hammer & Chisel program). So as a household we decided to do a 3 Day Refresh.  Yes, that means Danny completed it as well.

Preface: 3 Day Refresh is a whole foods, very low calorie but high nutrient density meal plan. It is not recommended to do strenuous exercises during these 3 days.

Monday – Day 1

Work day for Danny so I sent him off with his shakes, fruits, and veggies for the day.

Swim day for me so I headed to the pool for my 5am swim. Easy 2300yds then off to work. IMG_5954Breakfast for me was my vegan chocolate shake with a side of green grapes. Mid-morning was time for my fiber sweep – I make mine with hot water and some True Lemon powder and then I eat it with a spoon. I definitely cannot stomach it as a beverage. Lunch was an easy serving of cucumbers, apples with nut butter, and the Vanilla Fresh shake. Afternoon snack was celery and nut butter. Dinner was a bowl full of steamed veggies and another Vanilla Refresh.

Pros: I actually felt full. I never felt deprived, but I think I stretched out my eating time. I think
since I knew I wasn’t going to have mass amounts of foods to graze on, I made sure to enjoy what I was eating. I didn’t scarf down food.

Cons: The only con was that I felt confined to certain foods. I brought some food for home, but I was depending on my cafeteria to have some decent veggies…they did not.

Danny’s Pros: He stayed busy enough during the day at work to not be thinking about eating/grazing.

Danny’s Cons: He felt like some of the foods were hard to stomach; in that they were lacking flavor/sauce/condiments.

Tuesday – Day 2

3DR_Day0-1_imageTuesday was essentially the same as Monday – except no swimming. All the meals were the same for me except for dinner. I was busy at work – I kept my nose out of the break room and the mini fridges where I know the goodies hide. Danny was a home/running errands so he had to fight the mindless eating if he was sitting watching tv. He didn’t get hunger pains or anything like that. We both hit our water goals – which lead to extra trips to the bathroom all dang day. We did think about going for a run, but opted to go see The Hunger Games instead.

Both of our Pros: Again, very easy to plan. Felt satisfied all day – not many cravings. We both felt energized – mentally, not fatigued.

Both of our Cons: let’s just say with the high veggie intake, you get a little gassy. That’s just the way of the increased fiber world, there’s no putting it nicely.


Wednesday – Day 3

The final day!!


Today was a swim day for me and WHOA. We had some had 8×125’s – first 2 at the slowest time, by the time you got to the last 2 you had taken 20 seconds off your time. It. Was. Brutal. I definitely felt the effects of a low carb/low protein diet. I was sucking air HARD. Probably the dumbest thing I’ve done in a while, BUT I survived. My usual fasted cardio was extra fasted and no bueno.

Eating was similar to the past 2 days, only I had broccoli for lunch with my cucumber and apples – OoooOOoo..! I will say I was hungrier than previous days (likely from the swimming) but it didn’t make me crave anything crazy – just food.

IMG_5968Pros: Satisfied, energized, no bad cravings.

Cons: Seriously, the gas. So much gas. I’m not even playing. I was SO scared I was going to get too relaxed at my massage this evening and let one rip =/







Kim lost:  5.6 pounds  1.5 inches overall

Danny lost:  7 pounds (he didn’t take measurements)



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