Nut Butter

We all know the awesomeness that is protein, but are we really packing enough into our meals? I’m usually not, so I decided to add nut butter to a good bit of my meals. I chose almond butter and I was buying jars by the caseload and then I decided “I can do this” and decided to start making it myself. It’s a super easy process that you can do right at home!

Step 1: Pour 3 cups of almonds (I used raw, unsalted) into food processor and blend! Almonds will being to look like almond meal.almond butter 1

 Step 2: Continue to blend the meal, you might have to stop to scrap the meal creeping up the walls back down.

Almond Butter 2


Step 3: Eventually the meal will start to form a ball that travels around the processor and sometimes gets stuck. Be prepared to battle through it, or you can break the ball apart and continue blending.Almond Butter 2

Step 4: Once the ball breaks up, you might think that you’re done. Let it blend a few minutes more until it’s nice a creamy.Almond butter 3

Almond butter 4Step 5: Once your butter is complete you can put it into the container of your choice. I use the glass almond butter jars I used to purchase (no need to buy anything fancy, am I right?!) The butter tends to be a little warm from all the processing, so I stick the filled jars – lids off – in the fridge for a few minutes to cool before popping the lids on. You can store you butter in the fridge. I tend to keep mine on the counter as I typically go through a jar a week and I’m not dead yet.Almond butter 5

You can follow these steps for any other nut of your choice. Since the beginning of my homemade nut butters I’ve made almond, almond/cashew, and cashew. All super delish, super healthy, and super good for you!

Here’s my cashew butter. Cashew Butter

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