Setbacks and Accomplishments

So I’m sitting here typing this after falling off the 21 Day Fix Extreme wagon. Yes, that’s right. I have completely strayed from the meal plan. Now, I still have things in the fridge portioned out and I still do my shakeology every day. Have I been eating a ton of carbs, yep. Did I crush 2 cake donuts today, yes indeed. Will I be paying for this via my long term goals, absolutely.

**Guys, you might want to exit stage left for this next paragraph or so.**

Ladies, let’s just say it’s been the least wonderful time of the month. I could feel it coming, all I wanted to do was make bad decisions with eating. And I did. I completely gave in. When you feel absolutely miserable and you just want ice cream for lunch and your other half just looks at you like you’re an abused puppy and gives in to your pathetic-ness – it happens. I’ve basically made one bad decision for the past week. And a lot of those bad decisions were within my calorie range – definitely not my color coded calorie range but within my 1800kcal/day range.

So now it’s time to pick myself back up, dust off the donut crumbs, and get back to my healthy eating and working out. Sure I’m a little out of shape and boated (definitely bloated). But once I balance out my sodium intake by flushing tons of water through me and amping up my metabolism with exercise, I’ll be right back to where I was.

I have come a long way.

  • I no longer need energy drinks to get through a sluggish day. In fact I even cut out coffee a month ago and have managed quite well.
  • I just ran a 5K with negative split on all THREE miles on SUNDAY in the middle of my string of bad decisions
  • I have an amazingly supportive boyfriend who just wants me to be the best version of me I can be
  • And not too long ago, I looked like this: Photo Aug 06-2









I can get back there with CONSISTENCY. My number one problem is getting consistent and then getting bored or comfortable. I need that monkey wrench thrown in to keep me on my toes. I need variety to keep me engaged. Right now I’m swimming Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings. I have Fit Club on Tuesdays and Trail running on Thursdays. And then M/W/F evenings are a home workout or the gym. And every night is walking the dogs.

But then LIFE happens. Someone’s birthday. Family dinners. Weddings.

I need to learn to NOT cave from peer pressure. No, a donut is not more important than me wanting to see my 6 pack abs. No one glass a wine won’t kill me, but it’s extra calories I do not need.

I CAN do this! And you can too.

Let me be your free coach and let’s do this healthy journey together!

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4 thoughts on “Setbacks and Accomplishments

  1. It happens. Life. Im struggling with working full time, trying to spend time with the family, train for the alabama super, followed three weeks later by a Disney half marathon. Its hard to make good food decisions. BUT, the key, is to step back, re-assess, and pick up the sandbag again and keep going. Learning from mistakes is way more important than not making them. 🙂

  2. It must be the season! I’ve been slacking from work, life, general malaise. I’ve got to get the mind right and get the feet moving.

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