Spartan Texas Beast

This is my redemption race. After DNFing the Vermont Beast, I needed a come back. I gathered some of my awesome friends and we set off on an epic road trip adventure. The 10+ hour drive wasn’t terrible, except for all the traffic wrecks. Our road trip conversations are always…um..what happens in the car, stays in the car. We rolled into town and found the spicy Hollywood & Vine to get some grub. Apparently, most of the other spartans thought the same place for dinner. I can’t complain, my burger was pretty yummy and the fried pickles were thick cut.

Instead of booking a hotel in Glen Rose, I used airbnb and rented an entire house. Even though we never saw our host, she was amazing! She left us a stocked kitchen with water and gatorades in the fridge. Aaron and Bryan shared a room, Sylvia and I shared the master, and Doug got the upstairs loft to himself. We spent the remainder of our evening settling in, getting our gear ready, and socializing.

Saturday was race day! I must note, Bryan made us an EPIC race day breakfast =) We were racing in the volunteer heat at 0845. Texas Bestie Tacos

I took my CFS picture at 0815 and spent some time trying to find Amanda. If you don’t know who she is, you should check her out! I’m honored to call Amanda a friend of mine, she is truly an inspiration to all. I found her right before our heat, gave her and Todd hugs and wished them the best. Later that evening, Amanda also earned her Trifecta in Texas =)

At 0845 we take off! Doug was going for speed…a faster speed than mine so he left us. Bryan and I were sticking together and Sylvia and Aaron were sticking together – we were all four going to try to stay together as long as possible. We caught up to Sylvia at the first obstacle – stupid. Burpeed that one because logs 2 and 3 were way too far away. We then began a series of up the hill, down the hill – seriously. As soon as you got up, you were right back down, and then right back up. SO annoying. Also there was snow on the tops of the hills. It was epic to be running in snow in shorts. Unfortunately we ending up losing Sylvia/Aaron at the pancake carry =/

Texas Beast Snow

I’m going to admit it, I suck at trail running – running in general, as well – but trail running and elevation get me. Luckily, I have a super fast walk and I love running suicide pace on the downhills. There was a lot of wide open trail running on this course. Since we were in the early heat, there was also a lot of blazing the trail through the brush and cactus. At the over/under walls, someone conveniently placed an under wall over a cactus plant – brilliant! Thanks to the volunteer who let everyone know not to roll over it, she was a lifesaver. I still have a piece of cactus stuck in my hand…minor details.

There were a few spots on the path where we – and a couple dozen others – got turned around, but it was roughly less than 200 yards. The water obstacles were kept to a minimum due to the chilly temperatures. Instead of swimming across the pond, they had us walk thigh deep around the edge of it. It was still bone chilling cold. A lot of the guys came out cramping, apparently females handle cold better as I didn’t see any women cramping throughout the race. I admit, I burpeed out of the traverse because I didn’t want to risk falling and submerging my entire body in cold water and possible hypothermia.

The rest of the race was pretty standard issue Spartan Race…we did have not one, but TWO bucket carries. Eff a bunch of that noise, but I actually passed a lot of people on the second carry so I still had some strength in me. There were also two barbed wire crawls. Neither of which were extremely muddy = awesome.

Texas Beast BarbZone

Bryan and I finished the Beast in a hair over 5 hours, not my goal time but it wasn’t a DNF. I’m not as proud of myself as everyone else is of me just because I know I can do better. Open Class points-wise, I’m ranked 29th overall, 9th for Females, and 1st in my age group (30-34). Hopefully by the end of February, I’ll be in the top 10 overall.

Bestie Trifecta

My vote for the Texas Beast: totally do it!

– Pros: Great location, plenty of close parking, race layout was fantastic, heated changing tents(!), trifecta medals were handled the best I’ve seen yet – I was able to walk away with my medal AND my shirt.

-Cons: weather is cray (not that it can be fixed), location is out in the middle of Texas so be prepared for a bit of drive (~1.5 hours from Dallas), parking $10 – also they now take your volunteer pass EACH day, be advised.

Totally NOT race related, unless you consider it refueling…we stopped at Sprinkles in Dallas. We played with the cupcake ATM, whispered secret phrases for free cupcakes, and got high off sugar. Enjoy!


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