St Jude Half Marathon

My intention was to be writing this post after an amazing weekend in Memphis and completing my 13th half marathon. Instead, all I get to write about is an amazing weekend in Memphis. For the first time in it’s history, St. Jude canceled the race weekend due to weather.

I started my journey north a day early (Thursday) to beat the epic ice storm that was predicted to roll in Friday. Stopped in Jackson, MS to lunch at one of my favorite places Broad Street Bakery & Cafe. This allowed me to attend the Grizzlies game that evening. I had never been to a Grizzlies game and we lost to the Clippers, boo! Friday I got to sleep in (score!) and enjoy a lazing morning. Lunch was some carb loading at Brookhaven with some local Wiseacre brew and I totally did not get a picture of any food & drink.

Friday night was set to be amazing! We started off with beers at Wiseacre Brewing. I had the Gotta Get Up to Get Down: Coffee Milk Stout. It tastes so much like coffee that Annie and I wanted to drink it with breakfast. While we were enjoying our beers, word was posted about our race. There had been updates all day into the evening: race still going strong, now we’ll have heated buses at every mile marker, etc. The 6:30pm update was the worst – St Jude Memphis Marathon was canceled. We were mad and upset…and honestly, a little excited we didn’t have to get up super early to go freeze our butts off during a run. So we decided to make the most of it and enjoy our brews and then head to dinner.

Dinner was at Hog & Hominy which isn’t anything spectacular from the outside, but inside reminds me a lot of Root. Not the eco-friendliness of Root, but the small space and tables, the openness to the kitchen area, and the menu style. We had some fantastic food and drinks. When I go to fun little places like this, I like to order small plates so I can experience all the courses available. I started with a Pumpkin Daisy for my cocktail. We got the Buffalo Pork Tails to share for our appetizer. Never having pork tails before, I was in for a treat. Basically, they were a lot like buffalo wings, but a little fattier and smaller bones. Next up I got the jalepeno-cilantro Sweetbreads. This was my first time to eat sweetbreads as well and I thought they were delicious. Last course was dessert and I settled for the Bourbon Pecan Curd Pie. Goat cheese on a pecan pie made me leery, but I’ve had some amazing combinations at Root so I went for it. The goat cheese ended up being just barely sweetened and complimented the sweetness of the pecan pie well. Foodie Heaven!

Saturday morning since the race we canceled, Annie took me to her gym, Fitness Revolution, which was offering a free class for all the displaced marathoners. There I met Dexter who decided that kicking my CrossFit ass was his goal for the session. Awesome. I will say, it was nice to have someone checking my form and making some corrections. We can get a little lax as coaches and instructors so it’s always nice to get some pointers. The class was about an hour of tabata training at different stations. WAY different from my CrossFit so it was humbling to be out of breath at times. Great class, definitely check it out if you’re in the Memphis area.

We decided that we need to pound the pavement for a few miles in honor of the race. We grabbed Katie and headed for the Greenline to get in a nice 5 mile run. A lot of displaced marathoners were out on the trail, bib numbers and all! There was even word that some runners took to the marathon course and ran it unofficially. You can’t stop us crazy runners. The path was a super pretty run down to Shelby Farms and back, everything was nice and iced over so it was winter wonderland run of sorts.

Saturday evening was a Tacky Christmas Sweater bar crawl with the Memphis chapter of Girls Pint Out. I am completely blanking on all the locations we traveled to, but it was a great night out with some fellow beer drinking women! I also got to catch up with my girl, Mads who recently moved to Memphis. Good times all around.

All in all, the weekend didn’t go as planned but I understand the cancelation of the race. Volunteers were canceling, emergency services were being used elsewhere in the city – restoring power, removing trees that had fallen from heavy ice, and there was a great chance for a lot of hypothermic people. SJMM did offer a transfer to one of 3 races, a full refund, or we could donate our entry fee to St Jude.

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