Superhero Scramble

Back on November 16th a group of us traveled to Waldo (read: Gainesville) Florida to run in the Superhero Scramble (SHS). This was my first race of this series and I only slightly knew what to expect.

We started off running a mile of serpentine running. I friggin hated that. I get it though, trying to get the most mileage in a small space. But then they did it again on the back half of the course – ahhhhh!!!! After running a few Spartans and Warrior Dashes, I knew what to expect from SHS…for the most part. SHS has obstacles more like Tough Mudder – 15′ jumps into water, a huge slick wall to climb, a huge slide, etc. It also had a lot of height to obstacles, most of which I just barreled up without even thinking about how high I was until I had to make my way down.

We ran the 10am day race and then we ran again for the 6pm night race. The night time was nice, no volunteers along course (not sure had the legalese of that works) with exception of the massive slick wall. I give big props to those brutes. Sorry day volunteers (slick wall only) but you guys pale in comparison to the night guys. I failed the wall during the day – upper body was tired, by baregrips suck at slick surfaces, and the volunteers just didn’t seem to care if you made it up or not. The night race..those guys made sure you got up the wall. I ended up dinging up my arm pretty bad at the very top of that wall, but I’ll take that over plummeting down 20′ to a potential greater injury.

My only other injury came I’m pure epic form. I was walking across the balance beam and I lost balance. I managed to grab hold of the beam as I was falling and continued to cross the over hanging upside down. My bruise is just now going away from that.

Some of the pros/cons of the logistics of the event weekend:
– packet pick up the Friday night before was a CLUSTER. Not sure what happened there or if that was the way it was intended but man was that a headache
– Skipping the check-in tents at the race was really nice though
– Everything was easy to find at the venue…although port-o-potties were out of paper super quick in the day
– Post race awards and entertainment were great
– results were easy to check
– LOVED the food trucks, great way to support small businesses
– Super stoked about my glow in the dark medal from the night race
– Medic support were super nice and helpful…even if I did only need an icepack

My vote: Thumbs up! Definitely do this race if there’s one coming to your area, or travel to get to it.

  • Spinning photobomb Spinning photobomb
  • Fire jumping Fire jumping
  • Rings Rings
  • The 3 Best Friends The 3 Best Friends
  • Official Start Official Start
  • Slide Slide
  • Come at me, bro Come at me, bro
  • Big Slide Big Slide
  • Epic Beard Epic Beard
  • Upside Down Upside Down
  • Sandbags Sandbags
  • Eating Ropes Eating Ropes
  • My Grrrr Face My Grrrr Face

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