The Cliched New Year Post

It’s a – few days into the – new year and it’s time for couch potatoes to crawl off couches and crowd the gyms. Regular gym goers will soon begin complaining about the excess of couch potatoes in their spaces. Get over it, you were once a noob too. Time for everyone to boldly declare how much healthier and happier they’re going to be this year.

Me? I’m just glad I woke up today. Coulda started off the day dead and that would have been a bummer.

My 2013 was a bumpy ride. I started it off with a move, a new job, and an old relationship and I’m ending it with no job and no relationship – cheers! Most would think I’m bitter about all of it, but I’m not. Things happen for a reason and the only thing we can do is recognize that and hope for the best. While a relationship ending is always shitty at first, it brought so many amazing people into my life that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to know. I am so grateful to have each of them in my life and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

In terms of races, Virginia and Vermont had huge impacts on my life and learning about what kind of person I am. Mississippi allowed me to let loose and have fun. Miller Park let me know how much people cared about my success. Superhero taught me to climb high and not be afraid to jump off. Texas showed me just how far I’ve come.

In terms of people, I’ve surrounded myself with some truly amazing souls. I have the two best friends anyone could ask for and I love them to the moon and back. We have cried and laughed and laid on more (public) floors than we ever should have in the past year. I have a fantastic OCR family with the Corn Fed Spartans. I know if I ever need them on – and off – course all I have to do is yell “CORN FED” and someone will come running. I have my crazy IPA running family. We run the streets at night like a mob, we have epic ice fights, do whip cream shots, and we eat a LOT. I have my Crossfit 228 family where some of the craziest of crazy things happen. But they’ve also taught me how strong of a person I really am. I have my for real family…who love and support me in their own way.

I did some things I never thought I would this year. I completely switched gears from neonatal nutrition back to sports nutrition. I started a business, of sorts. I’ve become an ambassador for two really awesome companies and I’m looking forward to adding others soon =)

I don’t resolve anything for 2014, I just hope to have as much fun as this year and to grow more as a person, getting a job with a salary and health care benefits would be nice…

I did make some goals for this year:

  • Complete a Tough Mudder
  • Earn my Spartan Triple Trifecta
  • Get to 18% Body Fat (yep, I said it and no I’m not even close)
  • Complete the Vermont UltraBeast
  • Do 5 strict, unassisted pull-ups
  • Continue doing what I love (read: Be Awesome)

So that’s my post. I think 2014 is going to be just as kickass as 2013 was, probably even better! Here’s to a happy and healthy year for you and yours, hope you made some amazing goals for this year!


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