The Cups works!!

My final review of my first use!

So yes, a cup went there! And while hectic at first, I believe I finally got the hang of it and could wander around without mental freaking about the what if’s.

I think it’s so cool that I don’t have to go running after a decent swim. I don’t have to worry about squatting or running or even friggin yoga! Even better is that I’m decreasing my impact on the environment AND decreasing the potential toxins going into my body.

I will say it IS challenging at first! You need to be on high alert and have a backup plan available if you have to abort the attempt. And if you do have to go to your plan B, make sure you have a way to transport plan A. That’s where I screwed up on day 2. And you need to be in a single bathroom – definitely. Don’t try to use a stall restroom and change that sucker out.

Just an FYI, I can only speak to the cup that iiiiiiii purchased. I have no idea about any different ones as I didn’t buy one of each and trial them. I took the test and this one was one of my results. If you’re curious to read about mine, here it is!



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