The Final Mere Mortals

Sunday was the final Mere Mortals training and it ended with a Members Only Triathlon! I’m half sad that there’s no more training on Sunday mornings and I’m half happy because now I get to sleep past 5:25am.

The event was a full on race (read Practice, because that was drilled into our heads beforehand). We had timing chips, time clocks, bibs, body markings, and some great food & beverages after the race!


My drive across 3 mile bridge to the MOT!

I set up and damn fine transition! Having the perfect transition makes all the difference. If you’re gear and nutritional is just thrown about, you waste precious time in the transition. If you have everything laid out in the order of use, you make light work of your transition. Yes, my swim cap and goggles are down there, but I picked those up and placed my TGC visor down there instead.



Check out this awesome sunrise we got to witness before our MOT.

I had a decent race. I felt great in the swim, so comfortable. The water was smooth as glass and so clear. It was so beautiful to look down and see the jellyfish and other fish swimming around. The males had a 3 minute head start – I ended up passing a few of them.

Transition went well, nice and quick.

The bike…oh the bike. I felt good for the first 7 or so miles. Then my right hip flexor started talking to me. Then it started yelling. So instead of clipping along at my pretty decent pace, I fell back and did a fairly slow – but not killing my hip flexor ride.

I’ve gotten better at getting out of my shoes while they’re still clipped into the bike – this will definitely cut down my transition time AND keep me from running on my clips on concrete. Transition went well again. Absolutely worth taking the time to put socks on to run. SO worth it.

The run was a run. Not a running all the time run, but I broke it down to a nice 3 minute run, 1 minute walk intervals. My legs are definitely less baby-giraffe than when I started this whole multi-sport thing earlier this year.


I’m going to miss my watermelon selfies!

The most important aspect all of this training – RECOVERY. Every Sunday after these swim/bike/run ordeals, I’ve spent the day in compression pants. Legs slathered in biofreeze and compression. It makes a world of different when you know you’ll be swimming in 24 hours. I also take my Performance Line Recharge at night so I can get soak up all that protein while I sleep. I also take ice baths. I’m one of the rate birds that actually enjoys the cold.


Ice bath magic!

So it’s less than a week to Augusta 70.3. I’m ready.

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