Earlier this year I decided to try my hand at this whole multisport event thing that seems to be all the craze with these active people I know…



I saved up and bought a bike in January and iiiii rode the shit out of that first month. Every weekend day was spent riding for an hour or so. I had 200+ miles on it before the end of February. I might be slacking on the riding as of lately =/


I took up swimming 3 days a week in the Masters Swim class at the local college. Every MWF I woke up (and still do) at 4:45am to swim for an hour. I work on speed, technique, different strokes.



I started running weekly on Thursdays with a local trail running group. I LOVE trails! It really makes me loathe running on the road. I love the Marco Polo-ness of the trails wondering when the next group stop will be and when you will finally catch up to the speed demons – only to have them scurry off once you’ve arrived.

I’ve competed in 2 sprint tri’s so far and a couple of duathlons (run/bike/run’s) to get used to competing with transitions involved. I’ve started training with our triathlon group’s tri training program Mere Mortals. Every Sunday am at 6:30, we swim/bike/run on the beautiful Pensacola Beach.

So let’s talk about why I decided to start doing all this crazy training….


I signed up to do the Augusta Georgia Half Ironman September 27, 2015! My bestie Sylvia and I will be completing our FIRST and possibly last half ironman. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the half ironman distance it is a 1.2mile swim, a 56mile bike, and a 13.1mile run. I’m still not sure if I’m insane or totally capable, I guess we’ll find out in a few short weeks!


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