VA Super Spartan Weekend

I don’t want to be cheesy and say that the VA Super Spartan changed my life, but it definitely had a huge impact on my way of thinking. My original plans were to complete this race with my ex bf, but he changed that by dumping me 2 weeks before hand. I was crushed….about losing a ton of money and not running this race. Then the fantastic Sylvia offered to come with me. Then momma Amy was looking for people to carpool with to VA. Then the plans starting working and we were for sure going to VA to race in the Super Spartan. This ended up being the best race weekend I’ve ever experienced.
Saturday – Race day for some, a day on the course for all!
Most everyone woke at 0500 to get ready for the day. Bacon was made and all were happy. Sylvia and I were Course Marshals for the day so we had to be at the volunteer tent by 0630. We ended up being assigned to the TWall for the day – the last obstacle on the course with a burpee penalty (technically the slippery wall was, but seriously who fails that??). Being a Course Marshal for the entire day allowed me to witness all the elites finish, all the average joes finish, and all the insipiring and motivational people in between – OEW and Sheep Dog Impact to name a few. We got to see our new volunteer friends finish and our new Spartan family members finish too. The downside to being a Course Marshal – we were on the course ALL DAY. The sun set and it got cold, racers were getting few and far between, burpee penalties were being reduced, we were ready to go!
Sunday – Our race day!
The course was by far the toughest thing I’ve ever done. Less than half a mile in, we started our first climb. I realized my 5 fingers were going to inadequate for this race. There was zero grip to be had and the downhills were a real challenge. We continued up and down the mountain for roughly 7 hours. Throughout the course the obstacles were easy peasy. I even completed the guy’s herculean hoist just for giggles.
For me, the challenge was the mountain. All those climbs were too much for me. I had to go slow and steady and I really felt like I held up our little group. I felt completely lame.
In the end, I finished. I was proud of myself. I was proud that I went on this trip and completed the Super. I realized that had I attempted the trip with my ex, we probably would have DNFd. I realized that I can challenge myself. I realized that I can find someone equally as challenging and motivating for me.
So this race wasn’t just about the mountain, it was a nice journey to self discovery. It helped me cope, it helped me grow, and it helped give me the confidence to sign up for the VT Beast….a week from today.
So get out there and challenge yourself. FInd people who support you and love you and challenge you to move outside your comfort zone.

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