Weigh in Wednesday

So I want to start talking about my transformation to where I am now.

At my heaviest, I was 185lbs of fatness. Not muscle + fat. Pure fatness.

This picture below is me at the same weight – just with a 20lb weight vest. I’m currently down 20lbs from my heaviest – which I am not happy about. This time last year I was 30lbs below my heaviest. At my best, I had gotten down to 40lbs below my heaviest.

Now 40lbs down was not the healthiest. I did it with dumb methods like eating like a rabbit and taking diet pills. I was young and stupid, whatever. I would like to get back down to 40lbs below my heaviest by lifting and then cutting and doing it healthy ways.

Now I said previously I’m not happy about only being 20lbs below my heaviest. With all my triathlon training, I’ve slacked on the weight training and building muscle….just a lot of cardio. Hard cardio, but cardio nonetheless. So I’ve managed to gain weight during triathalon training.

So my plans are to finish out this triathlon training, dial down my swimming. Do some yoga to reset my body. Then go at it with some Core De Force boxing/mma style workouts mixed with running to set up for the St Jude half in December and carry me into the NOLA Rock N Roll Marathon in February.

I have goals. I have plans. Now I just need to execute!



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