Why I Love CrossFit

I started CrossFit back in October at CrossFit Hattiesburg with a great group of supportive people. Day one, I ate like I normally did when I was going to an intense kickboxing class in an air conditioned gym. Somewhere in my mind I knew better, I knew I was going to a metal and concrete structure with roll up doors and nothing more than a giant fan circulating hot air. After about 15 minutes of band assisted pull-ups, ring dips, and air squats, I needed a break to drop to my knees and lie on the floor for a bit. It took me a few minutes to get right but once I realized I was a-ok, I went right back into my training.
While I was on my back wondering what in the hell I had done to myself, the entire box stopped – mid-warm-up, mid-WOD, mid-conversation – and came to make sure I was ok. Support from day one.
I continued with sporatic CrossFitting in Hattiesburg until I was plagued by a shoulder injury and running high mileage in my training for marathon in December. I took a new job in January; my office is a stone’s throw from a gym – with a CrossFit area nestled in the heart of it. The Exercise Physiologist I work along side instructs a kettlebell class every MWF and from that I learned the fine art of the upright plank position, Turkish get-ups, goblet squats, weighted carries – I loved it! Kettlebells got lighter and I progressed in bumping up to new weights. I flipped my first of many massive tires by myself in that class…
…but I missed CrossFit.

I got a new co-worker who is a CrossFit coach at a box less than 5 minutes from work. Once I recovered from my most recent of those silly road races I attempt to do, I tried it out. It was where I needed to be.The day I signed my contract, I slid right off the GHD smacked my head on the concrete and I’m 90% sure I cracked my pisiform or my triquetrum in my right hand. I went home to recover; came back the next day. I’ve hit the box at least 3 days a week since that day. I can’t see my changes as much as I can feel my changes.

I went fullforce into CrossFit, paid for BeyondtheWhiteBoard so I can track my metrix. I know I’m getting stronger – sure I see it in my lifts every week – but I want to know how much stronger. I love being able to track my power. I love being able to see how everyone else is doing. I can see improvements on my benchmarks. Seriously, do yourself a favor and subscribe to BtWB – now!!!

A couple Mondays ago while in the middle of some very ugly squat cleans, we took the weight off my bar to get my cleans back to pretty. I should have walked away to reset my mind, but I picked that empty bar up like it still weighed 65lbs. I had the nicest form on that clean. So tight it came right up to my chin and busted it open. We butterflied it shut; I went back to the box the next day.

Injuries are funny because everyone has them – snatching a lighter barbell into a forehead, cleaning a barbell into a nose or chin, scrapping shins down a box – we fix them and come right back.When a WOD is hard we fight through it. When others finish before you, they cheer you on. Your coaches push you to get one more rep before time. They also help you PR on things you didn’t think you were ready for. My Gulf Coast Warrior Fit Family and your CrossFit family will see you at some of your ugliest moments – drenched in sweat, hideous faces when lifting heavy, laid out on the floor in recovery position, and for some of the brave souls – half naked.

My intent for this post isn’t a PSA about liability insurance for your box or to be another talking head about my CrossFit is so awesome. My intent is to show you that when I was faced with difficulties (and I’m sure I’ll keep finding them) that I kept going. I keep going back. I keep learning. I keep growing stronger. I found something that works (when I’m not knocking myself out) and I’m sticking with it. Find something that challenges you and chase it, own it, make it yours. Beast Mode engaged.

 desire to change